Some people think golf is boring.

After a violent encounter with an apoplectic bird, however, one golfer would probably ask you to think twice before dismissing his sport.

The unlucky casualty was 16-year-old Isaac Couling, who was attacked by not one – but TWO geese during a tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course, Michigan, on Saturday.

Not only did Isaac have to deal with their feathered, hissing wrath – but he had to deal with it alone.

Because no one came to young Isaac’s aid.

Despite the high school later saying only Isaac’s pride had been wounded, the teen told Detroit News : "Yeah, but no one came to help.

"All the coaches saw it from the clubhouse. You could see it from there. It’s pretty crazy. All my friends were talking about it.’

"The golfers just finished teeing off and were walking down the fairway."

The now-iconic images were captured by parent Devon Pitts and Blissfield Athletics Twitter account gave a blow-by-blow account of the action.

"To the left there was a goose nest and the golfers did a good job of avoiding it but the guard goose (hanging out on the far right) thought differently.

"The goose come from behind him and caught him off guard. He was keeping an eye on another goose at the time.

"He stood up after the 2nd picture and tripped trying to run away resulting in the 3rd picture," it wrote."

Needless to say, social media users enjoyed poking fun at Isaac’s plight.

"Body slammed by a goose. Hahaha" one sympathetic soul wrote.

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