Gran fined £100 for staying in KFC car park for over hour

Maxine Horton was treating her grandchildren after they had recovered from scarlet fever.

But three weeks later, she received a parking penalty letter from Euro Car Parks, stating she spent one hour and 18 minutes in the car park.

She said: “It gets really busy in there, you cannot get kids in and out in one hour.

“It was the night of Storm Hannah and it was pouring down with rain, pitch black and was blowing a hooley.”

Maxine is fighting the fine incurred at Wessex Gate Retail Park in Poole, Dorset.

And she warned other families of the penalty, saying: “We were exactly an hour and 18 minutes.

“Now we are getting lighter evenings, lots of people will be coming off the beach, too tired, wondering what to cook.

“And they may decide just to nip into KFC to get something for the kids.”

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