This is the dramatic moment a security guard shot a would-be bank robber during a botched raid.

The suspect entered Bancolombia in Ciudad Jardin, Colombia on Wednesday and began threatening staff and customers.

Authorities had feared the man was carrying an explosive device, which he had threatened to detonate but it turned out to be a fake.

The suspect attempted to rob an unspecified amount of cash and flee while using one employee as a human shield.

Television footage captured the moment the thief was shot in the stomach by a guard during his getaway bid.

Video shows terrified customers fleeing the bank amid panicked screams heard as the guard opens fire.

Police move in quickly to apprehend the suspect on the ground while people continue to file out of the building.

A man is later seen escorted by police in handcuffs into a squad car.

Colonel Óscar Lamprea, operational commander of the Cali Metropolitan Police, told El Pais : "The guard takes out his gun and shoots this guy in the abdomen, the attacker tries to return, because the police already cordoned off the area and when he sees this he seeks refuge again in the bank."

Colonel Lamprea said the suspect was treated at a hospital.

He added: "He was threatening an explosive, but it was false and the situation is completely under control.

"Fortunately for the users of the bank and the citizenship that was close to the bank, nothing happened to regret."

Local media reported police are trying to investigate whether the man acted alone or as part of a criminal gang.

In October, a 63-year-old man foiled an armed bank robber by bodyslamming him during an attempted raid in Scott Township, Pennsylvania, US.

Brave Robert Sakosky grabbed the man from behind and threw him to the floor after the masked thief rushed in with a gun and demanded cash.

He also managed to kick the man’s gun away, throw the bag of cash out of his reach and pull off his mask, revealing his face to the CCTV camera.

The suspect escaped empty handed and drove off with police in hot pursuit.

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