A FEMALE NYPD officer has allegedly been caught having an "on-the-job" drunken sexual romp in a restroom stall with another cop.

Lieutenant Brandi Sanchez, 39, has been reassigned after "engaging in sexual interactions" in the restroom of department facility on Friday evening, according to reports.

The romp was said to have taken place with another officer, Sergeant Lambros Gavalas, 46, who has been stripped of his gun and put on administrative duties.

The 39-year-old lieutenant also has a child and lives with the commanding officer of Brooklyn’s 79th Precinct, Deputy inspector Timothy Skretch, sources told the New York Post.

Sanchez was reportedly placed on modified assignment for being unfit for duty following an internal investigation.

According to reports, the rendezvous took place in a department bathroom inside a building used by the NYPD at 90 Church Street, in lower Manhattan.

A department report explained how a separate NYPD sergeant noticed Sanchez and Gavalas "occupying a closed stall, apparently engaged in what they believed to be sexual interactions."

The sergeant, who had caught Sanchez five minutes before her shift was due to end, reportedly then told a department lieutenant what she had witnessed.

The lieutenant entered the bathroom to tell the pair to leave, reports claim, but when officers returned to the bathroom shortly after, Sanchez and Gavalas were said to still be in the stall.

According to reports, the lieutenant then gave orders again for the pair to leave, and Gavalas walked out of the stall without speaking.

A female sergeant then climbed onto the toilet in an adjacent stall, peered over and to reportedly discover Sanchez exposed.

Sanchez was not armed and was “unable to be interviewed due to her compromised mental state,” the department record states.

The 39-year-old was assigned to the Family Assistance Section, which has offices in the Tribeca building.

The Family Assistance section offers counseling to members of the department who might be experiencing job-related stress.

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