COMMUNITY members were angry after getting an eyeful as a group of exotic dancers held a demonstration over the weekend in an open park

The protest called a “stripper strike” was held at Malcolm X Park in Philadelphia last Saturday, as photos show some dancers wearing very little clothing with a make-shift pole set up on the park grounds.

The aim of the demonstration is to improve working conditions in the city’s gentleman’s clubs.

On Tuesday night, the dancers met with the community in the same park where the conversation got heated.

“This was not the place to hold it,” Kim Fuller, family life coordinator for Global Leadership Academy SW, told 6ABC.

Fuller, who works across the streets, said some colorful photos from the event were sent to the staff out of concern.

“The images that were sent to me were upsetting because they were so exposing, and my thought was, there are babies in that park,” she told the outlet.

“If you’re going to protest for better treatment at work or on the job, I think the place to protest is where you’re having an issue at.”

According to Instagram fliers, masks and social distancing were required at the “stripper strike” and it was held on the opposite end of the park to avoid innocent eyes on the playground.

“What we were doing was fundraising, to raise funds for dancers who are not working during COVID,” Bamm Rose, founder of Stilettos Inc, told the outlet.

“Regardless of whether we said stripping, pole dancing in the park, all that’s legal; we’re not here to talk about moralities, we’re here to talk about legalities.”

Stilettos Inc. rejected the criticism and said they plan on holding similar skin-exposing events at the park.

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