A BOY of 15 has been charged with murdering his "uncle" and stealing $7,000 in cash.

Charles Alexander allegedly shot high school football coach Corey Smith, 46, and then confessed the crime to his mother after cops let him go.

Neighbors in Miami, Florida, heard three shots at Corey's house and called police last Monday.

Officers found the popular PE teacher dead in the den.

Charles, who was said to be staying with him, told cops he was in the bathroom and came out to find his relative had been shot.

Instead of calling 911 he phoned his mother, who came to the house and alerted police.

They found rolls of banknotes totaling $7,450 in the pockets of the teenager's jeans, which were inside a garbage bag.

Corey's wife told officers he kept a large amount of cash in his bedroom, along with the 9mm Beretta that killed him.

Charles had lived at the house before and "was familiar with its layout", police said.

His convict father Lamar Alexander – who died in a shootout last year – was reportedly Corey's cousin but they were so close growing up that Charles was considered his nephew.

Surveillance footage showed Charles was the only other person in the house at the time of the shooting.

After questioning he was allowed home, but two days later his mother went to police and said she was scared for her safety.

She said her son – who has a history of mental health problems – had confessed to shooting his uncle.

The teenager has now been charged with second degree murder and armed grand theft.


Charles is the son of Lamar Alexander, 41, one of two armed robbers who led police on a wild 25-mile chase in a hijacked UPS van last December.

TV cameras filmed the end of the pursuit when officers sprayed 200 bullets at the truck on a busy highway intersection in Miramar.

The bandits were killed along with their hostage, UPS driver Frank Ordonez, 27, and passing motorist Richard Cutshaw, 70.

Relatives told the Miami Herald that Corey Smith hadn’t seen his troubled nephew since Lamar's death.

"He asked to come over," Corey’s wife Amina Smith said.

“We hadn’t seen him since his dad passed.

“Corey picked him up Sunday night and he spent the night. I left to go to work.”

At a virtual court hearing on Friday, an attorney for the boy requested a psychological evaluation.

A judge will decide if he will be prosecuted as an adult or a juvenile before another hearing next month.

Charles is still facing charges for an alleged bomb threat to a school in 2018, but has been declared unfit to stand trial four times, the court heard.

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