Passengers aboard an LA bound JetBlue flight on June 26 thought they were going to die when police stormed aboard their flight after the plane experienced a communications glitch. Here’s everything I know!

Passengers on board a packed JetBlue plane at JFK Airport in NYC were photographed with their hands in the air as armed police stormed on board, fearing the flight was about to be hijacked earlier tonight, June 26. Before the flight, which was en route to LAX, took off it lost communication with air traffic control prompting the pilot to send an alert to JFK tower for hijacking. “I am on a Jet Blue flight at JFK that lost its communications,” Tony Schwartz, the CEO of The Energy Project, tweeted during the incident. “Woah. My worst nightmare. @Delta JFK to LAX right now, honestly thought we were going to die. I AM ALIVE THANK GOSH I MEDIATE U GUYS what is going on,” another frightened passenger tweeted, who was so shaken up they got the airline name wrong.

“JetBlue 1623, an Airbus A320, experienced a radio equipment problem while taxing for departure at JFK International Airport tonight at 8 p.m.,” The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said in a statement. After taxing on the runaway for at least an hour, authorities determined it was a false alarm. However, the plane was brought back to the gate for further review.

“While communication was reestablished via alternate channels, authorities responded in an abundance of caution. The aircraft was cleared and returned to the gate for inspection,” JetBlue spokeswoman Paula Acevedo said in a statement given to The New York Post. 

We can’t imagine how terrifying this must have been for the passengers, but we are glad everyone is safe and the plane was not compromised.

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