Hilarious moment baby turns off dad’s Xbox in the middle of a game

  • YouTube video shows hilarious moment baby Maze interrupts dad’s Xbox game
  • According to Maze’s mum the tiny tot loves the sound of the Xbox power button
  • But his dad seemed less than impressed after his Xbox game abruptly ended 

A cheeky baby has gone to new lengths to get his dad’s attention, by turning off his Xbox in the middle of playing a game. 

Hilarious footage uploaded to YouTube on Monday captures the tiny tot named Maze crawling towards his dad, who appears to be immersed in a videogame.  

The curious little one makes his way straight to the Xbox console, mostly unnoticed, until he whacks the power button bringing his dad’s videogame to an abrupt end. 

Hilarious footage shows the moment baby Maze turns off his dad’s Xbox console while he’s in the middle of a game (pictured)

According to Maze’s mum, the infant loves the sound the Xbox makes when the power button is pressed. 

‘Our baby, Maze loves the sound of the Xbox turning on and off,’ she wrote.

‘Except he’s never done it while my partner is playing! This is why I definitely had to capture the reaction as I knew it would be funny.

‘My partner Luke was shattered at the loss of his game, but thinks it’s hilarious.’

Despite his dad looking less than impressed amused social media users took to the video to comment on the hilarious moment. 

One wrote, ‘If there is a button within reach they will press it!’

‘Baby said dad your computer time is up its my play time now,’ commented another. 

‘Mom was complaining about you playing the xbox again,’ added a third. 

According to Maze’s mum the tiny tot loves the sound an Xbox makes when it turns on and off 

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