Break dance! Hilarious moment woman smashes her TV while performing dance routine in her living room

  • Woman, from Irvine, California, was performing dance routine in living room  
  • She sat on her TV stand which was mounted on a wall and accidentally broke it
  • Following the incident she tried to fix the floating stand but was unable to do so

This is the comical moment a woman accidentally breaks her TV stand while performing a dance routine in her living room.

The footage, which was captured in Irvine, California, U.S., shows the anonymous homeowner spring to her feet and glide from side to side to the music.

The dancer then sits on the floating entertainment stand, resting just underneath her television, when it breaks from the wall and falls to the ground.

The anonymous woman, from Irvine, California, U.S., breaks the television stand during her dance routine 

The dancer glides from side to side and enthusiastically dances to the music in her living room 

Following the incident the dancer told ViralHog: ‘A month ago, I was dancing, though I got too carried away and ended up breaking the floating TV stand in the living room. I thought I could try to fix it, but it was useless.’ 

During the clip, which was captured in April, the woman enthusiastically moves to the music and displays her flair for dance.

The dancer sits on the TV stand, which is mounted on the wall, and crosses one leg over the other. 

The dancer sits on a television stand mounted on the wall and crosses one leg over the other 

Within seconds, the cabinet breaks off from the wall and falls to the ground along with the dancer

The homeowner lifts the entertainment stand and tries to re-attach it to the wall but it soon becomes apparent this will not be possible

Within seconds, the cabinet detaches from the wall and falls to the ground along with the dancer. 

The woman then clambers back to her feet and lifts the stand back up to the wall in an attempt to re-attach it.

However after multiple attempts it soon becomes apparent the cabinet is broken. 

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