A CAR plowed through a barrier before flipping and smashing into vehicles, leaving a baby and three adults seriously injured.

The horrific crash happened in a residential area of Long Island, New York on Sunday morning.

The car flew off the Southern State parkway, burst through a barrier and collided head-on with a pickup truck that was traveling down the road.

The SUV then flipped over a parked vehicle and landed on its side in a front garden.

"When we saw it, it just looked like a stunt coming from a movie," said resident Jessica Restrepo.

"It's just a car flip onto our lawn and hit two cars before hitting our lawn.

"It was just crazy and bizarre," she told NBC New York.

Frantic residents rushed to the smoking SUV as they tried to rescue the driver and passengers from the vehicle.

Witness Jonathan Cervantes realized there were people trapped inside, including a baby boy.

"The baby looked about 2-3 months. He was small, he was lodged in the back of the seat," Jonathan told ABC7.

It's reported that the baby had a gash and was bleeding.

There was a woman and two men in the vehicle.

One man was said to be in hysterics, cradling the child while wedged in the back of the vehicle.

"He was saying he couldn't breathe, his ribs hurt, his legs hurt. He was more focused on the baby," Jonathan said.

Initially, the boy wasn't responding – he wasn't even crying – but it's thought he started to respond after hearing his mom's voice.

The three adults and the child in the SUV were taken to a local hospital. One of the men suffered serious injuries, according to reports.

The men in the pickup truck suffered minor injuries.

Police are still investigating how the crash happened.

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