A gutsy food delivery guy chased down a drunk off-duty cop who plowed into him in Manhattan on Friday — and sat on her car to stop her from fleeing, according to him and police.

“It could have killed me,” Ramzy Abi-Saab, 24, told The Post. “But my instincts kicked in — I’m a former boxer — and I chased after her.”

Abi-Saab was schlepping grub in the snow across Christopher Street in the West Village at 1 a.m. when Samantha Medina, 30, of Queens slammed into him from behind, according to Abi-Saab and law enforcement.

The impact tossed him over her black Nissan sedan, and injured his back — but she kept driving, he said.

“She tried to do a hit and run!” said Abi-Saab, of Woodside. “I was in a lot of pain. It felt like someone had tackled me.”

Furious, he sprung to his feet. “I was enraged. I chased her down and sat on the hood of her car. I wouldn’t let her leave.”

But Medina, who was clearly hammered, denied she had struck him, he said.

“She was drunk as a skunk, trying to pop mints and spray herself with perfume,” said Abi-Saab. “She was so callous. She tried to say she didn’t hit me.”

Medina’s fellow officers soon arrived and found her with bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol on her breath, police said.

When they took her to a nearby precinct she refused to blow into the breathalyzer.

She was later suspended without pay, a police spokesman said.

On Friday afternoon, Medina didn’t say a word at her arraignment, where she wore a pink sweatshirt and a stoic facial expression.

She was charged with driving while impaired by alcohol, leaving the scene of an incident and reckless endangerment. She was released on her own recognizance.

Her lawyer, Richard Murray, called Abi-Saab’s claims not credible.

“He may be a person that’s known in the precinct as making a lot of false statements and complaints— that’s what I’ve heard,” Murray said. “I would take it with a grain of salt.”

Meanwhile, Abi-Saab said he was recovering with an injured sciatic nerve at Elmhurst hospital — where he was still seething.

“She’s a cop; think about how many people she’s put away. And here she is driving drunk and doing hit and runs,” he said. “It’s disgusting.”

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Rosner and Gabrielle Fonrouge

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