The population is expected to swell by 1 billion in just 12 years – but that's all that will be growing.

A chilling study from the 1950s study suggests cramped mice dismissed sex, and spent most their energy on self grooming.

Scientist John B. Calhoun observed mice in a "utopia" with warmth, bedding, food and drink.

It caused the population to, initially, surge.

But the cramped conditions saw male mice become violent and savage, and females began neglecting their young.

The new generation of mice were called "the beautiful ones" due to their tendency too groom and beautify themselves instead of seeking a mate.

A book detailing the experiment, Tragedy in Mouse Utopia by JR Vallentyne, has sparked fears the same could happen with humans.

Economist Max Kummerow Ph.D admitted Calhoun's work was "food for thought".

He says: "We obviously tolerate living in cities of 20 million or more of us.

"But I do think this book offers important food for thought. Humans are violent. We have nuclear weapons."

Meanwhile, there is another threat to our future, and our libidos – our mobile phones.

Doctors Jean Twenge and Heejung Park have published evidence that technology is out biggest turn off.

Researchers said the increased availability of social media, computer games and porn has given people other "pleasurable options".

Adults are having sex eight times less a year than they did a decade ago.

Randy lovers bonked on average 62 times a year between 2000 and 2004.

But these steamy encounters fell to just 54 times a year between 2010 and 2014.

And while people in their 20s and 30s are having less sex than older generations did, married couples have seen their sex lives fizzle out faster than those who are single.


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