HUNTER Biden could face a federal investigation for "buying an illegal gun" as Republican lawmakers have called for a probe.

A group of 22 members in Congress have demanded that President Biden's nominee to lead the ATF commit to investigating allegations that Hunter lied on a federal background check to purchase a gun.

Virginia Rep Bob Good wrote a letter to Biden's nominee, David Chipman, demanding that all Americans be "held to the same standard."

"All Americans should be held to the same standard of the law, regardless of who their parents are," Good wrote.

"Hunter Biden's public comments confessing to persistent illegal drug use, while owning a firearm are troubling and exposed the appalling double standard that this administration is willing to apply," he continued.

The request comes after a report last month that the Secret Service intervened in 2018 after Hunter's ex-girlfriend Hallie — who was once married to his late brother Beau — told authorities that she had taken a gun from Hunter and thrown it into a trash can.

Politico reported that when she later went to look for the gun, it was gone, and police got involved — which led to the Secret Service looking into the record of the gun purchase.

The outlet was able to get a copy of the transaction, where Hunter apparently answered "no" to an application question about any unlawful drug use or addiction to any substance.

Lying on the form is a felony.

The president's son has been open about his past struggles with addiction.

He wrote about addiction, as well as his affair in his previous marriage, in a recently published memoir.

He was also discharged from the Navy Reserve five years before purchasing the gun after testing positive for cocaine.

The Secret Service said they had no record of being involved with Hunter's gun purchase in 2018.

“U.S. Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018 and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this alleged incident.”

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