A massive influx of around 7,000 US servicemen led to all the bars in Iceland’s capital running completely dry.

The thirsty military personnel, there for an exercise, certainly exercised their drinking arms.

Most of the pubs and bars in the capital Reykjavík report they ran out of beer over the weekend serving the sailors and marines, despite extra supplies being sent by breweries.

They were in the port taking part in a NATO military exercise called Trident Juncture.

Iceland Magazine reports restaurant Sæta Svínið, The American Bar and many other downtown bars all reported being drunk dry.

Local news site Vísir reports that the brewery Ölgerð Egils Skallagrímssonar, which makes the popular Gull, had to send out emergency supplies to the bars.

According to the sources of Vísir the Americans preferred local beers over imports, and were very willing to sample different micro brews as well as the more popular standard lagers.

Local blogger Eiríkur Jónsson spoke to restaurateurs who said they had never experienced a similar situation.

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Bar owners who ran out of beer tried to solve the issue by borrowing from bars which were better stocked.

And members of the delivery team from Ölgerðin were called out to help the bar owners cope, but "they were fighting an overwhelming force".

One of the owners of Sæta Svínið told Vísir that the first soldiers came in on Wednesday, the same night as the first ships came to port, and that they stayed until Sunday when the ships left port.

With most of the ships and sailors out of port, downtown bar owners have managed to restock after the weekend’s assault.

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