THIS is the incredible moment a shark stalks a crocodile in a battle of ultimate apex predators.

The creatures were spotted by surfer Duncan Brotchie in the Northern Territory's Wessel Islands off the coast of Australia on Saturday.

Drone footage shows the tiger shark trailing the croc for around two minutes.

Clearly nervous at having the beast on its tail, the crocodile quickly climbed onto nearby rocks to escape any conflict.

Duncan said he was around 10 metres away from the pair when he noticed the pursuit through the clear blue water while monitoring his drone's camera view.

He said the crocodile was a "bit weary" of the shark and was eager to get onto the rocks.

The reflection from the sea and bright sun meant that anybody swimming on the surface would have been unable to see the deadly duo.

"The shark did get really close to the croc so I thought something might happen, but it probably had second thoughts," Duncan said.

Earlier this year, a four-metre-long saltwater crocodile was seen eating a shark moments after a woman caught it on her fishing line in Cardwell, in Far North Queensland.

The aggressive crocodile had stalked the shark along the shore, just like the situation Duncan captured.

Duncan added: "I'm just glad I wasn't in the water at the time. It was pretty gnarly being on the rocks just 10 metres away."

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