The snaps – taken two months apart – shows that our green and pleasant land has now become a dried-up desert following the blistering heatwave.

The image taken in May shows the UK looking vibrant and lush – while the matching picture this month reveals a grimmer, browner Britain.

The UK has been enjoying its longest heatwave in 42 years with temperatures regularly soaring over 30C.

And a new heatwave warning has been issued ahead of another 33C (91F) sizzler expecting to last a fortnight.

At the midpoint of the meteorological summer, from June 1, the UK has received just 47mm of rain – making it the driest start to summer in modern records, which date back to 1961.

It is closely followed by 2013 which saw 59mm of rain, according to the latest data from the Met Office.

Another photo taken this month also reveals the effect of the drought – with a Birmingham field left looking more like a Midwest America landscape.

The startling contrast was picked up by Reddit users – who thought the photo was shot in the US because of its "American look".

An electricity pole is the focus of the photograph, surrounded by grass which has become so dry it has turned golden brown.

One user commented: "I'm from the UK, but living in America, and I can confirm this photo is exactly like the scenes of the midwestern farmland."

Another said: "90% of Illinois captured in this photo."

Meanwhile, one responded to say it also looked like Australia. They wrote: "Looks like Australia as well. One of the things I love about the UK is how green it usually is.

"It will all come back eventually, but it's amazing to see this level of yellow and brown."

Another added: "This is right by my house, all around you can see peoples grass dying it's quite sad really."'

Describing why the field looked so dry, the user explained: "No it’s England. I’ve always wanted to get a good picture of this field so I pulled my phone out and snapped a pic, we're currently having a heatwave so all the grass has dried up."

The lack of rain has caused hosepipe bans in some areas of the UK, with United Utilities bringing in a restriction for seven million households from August 5.

The ban will apply to its domestic customers in the north west.

The company had previously urged homeowners to reduce the amount of water they were using by ditching the bath for a four minute shower.

A Met Office spokesman said: "It is important to remember we are only half way through the season, and a lot can change."

Some showers are expected, after weeks of no rain this before heatwave conditions return.

Temperatures are expected to hit 30C across the south and south east by July 21.

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