A GANG of predators asked the ages of two 15-year-old British girls then dragged them into bushes and raped them, police say.

Prosecutors said the teenagers had their drinks spiked before they were set upon by gatecrashers at a garden party in an exclusive villa in southern Italy.

The girls were on the last night of their holiday and were due to fly back to England the next day to start school.

They told cops they "just wanted to dance" at the swanky birthday party in Marconia di Pisticci on September 6.

But the number of guests doubled from 20 to 40 when a group of local lads including two rappers turned up uninvited.

One girl told investigators: "We went to the party without knowing anyone.

"At the beginning there were about twenty people, then others came."

The girls said their first drink was poured by the barman, and then they were offered a second by men they met at the party, who seemed "nice".

One girl added: "They asked both me and my friend how old we were and we said 15. Maybe they also told us their age but I can't remember the conversation.

"Soon after, my friend and I got sick. I remember feeling strange and very confused.

"We didn't use drugs. Someone put something in our drink."


Cops say the gang led the girls to a field where they beat them savagely and took turns to sexually assault them.

Officers described the rape as a ''brutal and extreme assault''.

Despite their confused state, the girls were able to fight them off.

One teenager said of the attack: ''I told them to stop. I was shouting in English 'let me go'.

"They took off their trousers and I tried to defend myself by biting the penis of one.

"I saw that one of them was trying to film it on his phone.''

Afterwards, the furious uncle of one girl went to the party – where guests told him ''don't call the police, you will ruin the party'', according to leaked copies of the investigation.

But cops were called and hours later they arrested four local men – Michele Massiello, 23, Giuseppe Gargano, 19, Alessandro Zuccaro, 21, and Alberto Lopatiello, 22.

The four men – pictured by Italian media – are in custody on suspicion of sexual violence and wounding, with a fast-track trial due to take place next week.

Another three men were named as part of the investigation but are not in custody.

They include a pair of YouTube rappers – one the son of a policewoman – who posted a music video with the lyrics "b****es unbuckle by belt".

Yesterday a pal of rapper Michele Leone – known as Red Michael – told the Sun Online he was a "good guy" who babysat his young sister.

He added: “He left the party before the rape, the media is misleading.

"He had nothing to do with it.”

Cops released CCTV from the villa allegedly showing a group of men fleeing the scene.

Officers arrested the four suspects in a series of dawn raids.

The girls are said to have confirmed their identities after seeing their social media profiles, and urine samples have confirmed both teenagers were drugged.

Family members have flown out to Italy and are with the girls, who are due to attend a fast-track hearing next week.

The men involved deny the allegations.

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