Dr. Michelle LeBlanc is calling on the New Brunswick government to restore 24/7 emergency services at the Stella Marie de Kent Hospital.

Dr. LeBlanc owns a family practice and treats acute care patients at the hospital. She says she was shocked when the province cut overnight emergency services at the rural hospital that has been treating patients in the community for more than 50 years.

“It is going to be a nightmare,” she said. “We are worried about the critical ailments that can happen in the middle of the night.”

“Minutes save lives, save muscle of your heart, save your brain and save your life.” she said.

Dr. LeBlanc says if patients in the region have to travel 45 minutes to an hour to get emergency care in Moncton or Miramichi, people’s lives could be at risk.

She adds that the province’s move to switch acute care beds to long-term care beds is only going to cause a further backlog in care for all patients.

“Pneumonia, dehydration and infection that we are treating here will go to Moncton, so it is going to overcharge the doctors in Moncton,” said Dr. LeBlanc.

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