Jailed Brit Laura Plummer’s appeal in Egypt will be at the “end of the year”, her family say.

The shop worker, 33, was given three years in prison on Boxing Day after being found with 290 Tramadol pills, banned in the country.

She claimed the painkillers were for her Egyptian partner Omar Saad, who has a bad back, but was sent to notorious Al Qanater prison, Cairo.

Her sister Rachel Plummer posted this week: “Her appeal is end of the year, we still hope it can be sooner.”

It came after Laura’s other sister Jayne Synclair wrote on Facebook: “She had a visit from Omar on Monday, she said she was ‘OK’.

“Very happy to see him and ­look­ing forward to our visit in two weeks.

"Laura is trying so hard to stay ­positive and counting down the days to her appeal (as are we), hoping for a full acquittal and deportation.”

Laura, from Hull, was arrested in October at Hurghada airport after the pills, available on pres­cription in the UK, were found in her suitcase.

She was seen on camera for the first time – from inside jail – last month on Egyptian TV, which was also published on YouTube.

Viewing the footage, her mother, 63-year-old Roberta Sinclair, was shocked by the effect prison life is having on her daughter.

She said: “She looks like a corpse with make-up on. She’s dead. You can see it in her eyes. There’s nothing left of her — no sparkle, nothing.

“She’s shock-white and her face is all puffy from crying. It’s destroying me to see her like this. I’m dying inside and we, her family, are serving the sentence with her.”

Her family say her constant crying and daily diet of bread and water are behind Laura’s change in appearance.

And Roberta said that her daughter has forgotten what it’s like to fall asleep in the dark, as the lights never get switched off.

She also says Laura is always accompanied by a guard whenever she leaves her cell and is not allowed to talk to anyone.

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