Who’s the butt of the joke now? Council enforcer slaps furious Johnny Vegas with a £150 fine for dropping a cigarette end down a drain

  • Johnny Vegas is at odds with Doncaster Council after being fined £150
  • The comedian took to Twitter to  blast the council for giving him the fine
  • The council’s humorous reply reminded the funnyman that cigarettes shouldn’t be dumped in drains

Comedian Johnny Vegas has clashed with a local council after it slapped him with a £150 fine for dropping his cigarette end down a drain.  

Mr Vegas took to Twitter to vent at Doncaster Council after receiving the fine in Doncaster, South Yorkshire which he claims caused him to miss his train.    

Vegas was in Doncaster, filming for the fifth series of the sitcom Still Open All Hours with the likes of Sir David Jason and Tim Healy at the time of being fined.

In his Tweet to the council, the funnyman said: ‘whilst my love for the good folk here will never diminish your £150 fine for responsibly placing a cig in a grid has now placed us at odds. 

‘Despite your enforcer’s empty promises I did miss my train as a result and look forward to billing you respectively.’

Mr Vegas hit out at the council on Twitter and the authority took his comments in good humour

Johnny Vegas claims being fined caused him to miss his train. Mr Vegas is pictured on the set of TV comedy drama ‘Murder on the Blackpool Express’, in which he played a coach driver

The council took the comedian’s tweet in good humour.

In its reply to his Tweet it reminded him the drains are not an ideal dumping ground for cigarette ends.

In it’s Tweet the council said: ‘Dear @JohnnyVegas the love is mutual, however at the risk of becoming the butt of the joke, drains aren’t appropriate disposal areas for cigarettes. These eventually end up in our water courses and damage the environment. We hope this incident doesn’t stub out our friendship. 

Vegas then said: ‘Perhaps a bin built with a means for cigarette disposal in mind might’ve helped, although I can see the gap in potential revenue, fines beyond common sense.’

It is not clear how being fined caused Mr Vegas to miss his train. 

The issue was one that divided opinion on Twitter.

Some users are now calling for Doncaster Council to collect the fine and donate the money to a local charity. 

One user said: ‘My friend a one parent with two young kids was fined £80 for the same thing.

‘There is no bin, no ashtray. Shame on you Doncaster council cashing in on smokers.’

Another said: ‘So you put a cig end down a grid then that is littering so the enforcement officer was right to fine you, it’s not his fault then that you missed your train.’ 

It also states that items such as chewing gum and cigarette butts are a nuisance and are often more expensive to clean up than other rubbish.

Comedian Johnny Vegas is fuming after he was given the £150 fine by Doncaster Council

Vegas is known for his angry rants, surreal humour, portly figure and high husky voice. He is pictured in TV series Open All Hours where host Keith Lemon challenge him to eat either a pint of tzatziki or a slab of buttebook

Vegas and his wife Maia Dunphy recently split just seven years after tying the knot.The couple announced the news in a joint statement published on Twitter.  

His television roles have included playing Al in the ITV Digital and PG Tips adverts, drug dealer Moz in the BBC black comedy Ideal and Geoff Maltby in the ITV comedy series Benidorm.   

According to the Doncaster council website, under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the fixed penalty fine for litter is £150 reduced to £100 if paid within 28 days. 

Peter Dale, director for regeneration and environment at Doncaster Council, said: ‘It is not acceptable to drop any kind of litter on the floor or down a drain. There are bins that are provided across Doncaster and there is no conceivable reason why litter should be dropped on the floor.

‘From May 1 we increased our on the spot fines for litter from £80 to £150 in line with the new powers given by Government to local councils. We are proud of Doncaster and it is everyone’s responsibility, residents and visitors, to ensure that it remains clean and tidy.

‘We have a dedicated team working hard to keep the borough litter free. We will take action against those who drop litter and who do not take pride in Doncaster.’ 

Mail Online has contacted Johnny Vegas’ PR representative for comment.  

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