Jos Buttler: England batsman reacts furiously after controversial ‘mankad’ dismissal

England batsman Jos Buttler has reacted furiously after he was dismissed by a controversial “mankad” stumping for the second time in his career.

Named after Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad, the dismissal, in which the bowler runs out the non-striking batter when (s)he leaves the crease to “back up” as the ball is bowled, is legal, but is considered by many to be against the spirit of the game.

It discourages batsmen from trying to “steal” a run when there might not ordinarily be one by coming too far down the pitch before the ball is bowled.

Indian spinner Ravi Ashwin, noting how far Buttler had left the batting crease as he bowled, pulled out of his delivery stride and knocked off the bails, effectively stumping the batsman for 63.

It was a key moment as Buttler’s team, the Rajasthan Royals, lost to Ashwin’s side, Kings XI Punjab, by 14 runs in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The wicketkeeper/batman, who was obviously angry, was shouting as he walked off, and video of the post-match team handshakes appeared to show he did not shake hands with Ashwin, prompting a sour look from the bowler.

It is the second time Buttler has been given out in this way – the first coming against Sri Lanka in 2014 – and reaction was predictably divided.

Buttler’s England teammates were quick to take his side, including captain Eoin Morgan and opening batsman Jason Roy, who called Ashwin’s move “shocking”.

Cricket legend Shane Warne, who works with Rajasthan, called Ashwin an “embarrassment to the game”.

The Aussie great asked followers to imagine how they would have felt if another England star, Ben Stokes, had done the same thing to Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

Stokes himself insisted it was not his style.

Much talk followed on whether the bowler should have warned the batsman beforehand, with former New Zealand all-rounder Scott Styris offering much-needed clarity.

The IPL used Twitter to ask fans what they thought, but some targeted the wrong man.

Some cricket fans on Twitter saw the funny side, however.

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