Where rush hour certainly ISN’T the crush hour: Just 42 passengers used Britain’s quietest railway station in a whole year

  •  Berney Arms in Norfolk is Britain’s least used station with only 42 passengers
  • The station is on a single-track line between Reedham and Great Yarmouth 
  •  London Waterloo remains the busiest station for the 16th consecutive year

A railway station in Norfolk is Britain’s quietest station according to the Office of Rail and Road. 

Figures revealed that Berney Arms station served only 42 passengers in the past year, between April 2019 and March 2020. 

The station, which  was named after a nearby pub, which is now closed, is on a single-track line between Reedham and Great Yarmouth and is only accessible on foot. 

Berney Arms in Norfolk is Britain’s quietest railway station with only 42 passengers in a year

It is three miles from the nearest public road and  passengers who want to get off at the single platform station must make a request to the train crew.

Despite a 7.29 million year-on-year decrease in the number of passengers due to strike action and the coronavirus pandemic, London Waterloo remained the busiest station for the 16th consecutive year. 

Berney Arms is on a single-track line between Reedham and Great Yarmouth

Britain’s quietest stations 

Here are Britain’s least used stations with less than 100 entries this year

  •  Berney Arms, Norfolk 42
  • Elton and Orston, Nottinghamshire 68
  • Stanlow and Thornton, Cheshire 82
  • Havenhouse, Lincolnshire 84
  • Denton, Greater Manchester 92
  • Polesworth, Warwickshire 96

The other five railway stations in Britain with fewer than 100 entries are Elton and Orston, Nottinghamshire (68); Stanlow and Thornton, Cheshire (82); Havenhouse, Lincolnshire (84); Denton, Greater Manchester (92); and Polesworth, Warwickshire (96).  

Many stations are kept open despite being rarely used because it is easier to arrange for a train to stop infrequently than obtain permission to close a station.

Denton and Stanlow and Thornton were last year’s Britain’s least used stations with 46 passengers.

Rail enthusiasts often visit the least used station from the previous year to boost its passenger numbers.   

Glasgow Central remained Scotland’s busiest station with 32.5 million passengers, followed by Edinburgh Waverley with 23.1 million.

The busiest station in Wales was Cardiff Central with 12.7 million passengers, a decrease of 260,000 compared with last year.

Jay Symonds, ORR senior statistical analyst, said: ‘The dramatic drop in passenger numbers towards the end of March due to Covid-19 explains much of the drop in usage compared to last year.

‘Despite this, Waterloo remains top but we saw a change in the least used station with Berney Arms taking the spot from Denton and Stanlow & Thornton.

‘With numbers staying at historically low levels during 2020, there is no doubt that next year’s figures will look a lot different.’

Top 5 busiest stations in Great Britain

1. London Waterloo                                                    86,903,518
2. London Victoria                                                      73,559,158
3. London Liverpool Street                                     65,984,786
4. London Bridge                                                        63,095,300
5. Birmingham New Street                                     46,510,526

Top 10 busiest stations in Great Britain and outside London

All stations in GB                                                   Stations outside London only  

London Waterloo 86,903,518                          Birmingham New Street 46,510,526

London Victoria    73,559,158                           Glasgow Central 32,465,202

London Liverpool Street 65,984,786            Manchester Piccadilly 32,198,704

London Bridge 63,095,300                              Leeds 31,020,744

. Birmingham New Street 46,510,526           Edinburgh 23,087,646

London Paddington 44,871,096                      Gatwick Airport 21,050,640

London Euston 44,776,804                               Brighton 17,355,572

Stratford (London) 41,912,114                            Reading 16,753,368

London St Pancras Intl 36,040,080               Glasgow Queen Street 16,685,760

London Kings Cross 32,532,404                     Liverpool Central 16,454,940 

Top 5 stations with the most interchanges in Great Britain

1. Clapham Junction                                                 26,902,505 

2. London Bridge                                                           10,677,772 

3. Birmingham New Street                                         6,994,410

4. London Waterloo                                                      6,309,545

5. London Victoria                                                          5,755,668 

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