VILE Karen Matthews wants to become pals with freed Mairead Philpott in a twisted “Britain’s Worst Mums” club, we can reveal.

Philpott, who killed her six children in a house fire, has been released from prison after serving half her 17-year sentence.

Now Matthews, 44, who served eight years for kidnapping her own daughter Shannon in a ransom cash plot, has told pals the pair could become friends in a sick “worst mums” club.

An associate of Matthews revealed: “She has said that she could be there for Mairead if she wants to meet her.

“She says she understands what it is like to be branded the worst mum in Britain so they could be the worst mums together.


“Karen says Mairead will be scared and lonely on her own and she could be a friendly face if she needed one.

“Matthews has virtually no friends herself so she’s desperate to be mates with anyone – even a convicted killer.”

Philpott, 39, was jailed in April 2013 after being found guilty of the manslaughter of her ten-year-old daughter Jade and her sons Duwayne, 13, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five.

She says she understands what it is like to be branded the worst mum in Britain so they could be the worst mums together."

She planned the arson attack on the family home in Allenton, Derby, with her husband Mick Philpott, who is still serving a life sentence and will not be released until at least 2027.

Philpott was freed on Friday from HMP Send in Surrey to a hostel in the south of England, where she will be supervised while on licence.

Her release was criticised by campaigners and the Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire, Pauline Latham, who said she was seeking assurances that Philpott would not be returning to the area.


The MP said in a statement: "I am disgusted that this foul woman has her liberty while her daughter and five sons lie in their graves.

"Eight-and-a-half years in jail amounts to her serving less than 18 months for each of those poor children. How can that possibly be right?

"Those in charge of making these decisions need to think longer and harder about the victims and the value of their lives.

“In addition, this horrible crime is still very raw in Derby and I fear what would happen if she turned up in the city.”

The Centre for Crime Prevention described the release as "appalling" and called for killers to serve their full sentences for such crimes.

"The system of automatically releasing criminals like her half way through their sentence means that in cases like this justice is not being done," said research director David Spencer."

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