Kayaker has a stunning close encounter with humpback whales as they play only feet from her tiny boat in the sea off Norway

  • Kari Schibevaag paddles near to a pod of humpback whales in her blue kayak
  • Three whales breach the sea simultaneously as she takes selfie with mammals
  • Underwater camera shows at least five whales in the water underneath her boat

This is the incredible moment a pod of humpback whales play in the sea just feet from a kayaker’s boat.

The clip, filmed in northern Norway, captures Kari Schibevaag as she sits in a blue and orange kayak on calm waters.

But just ahead of her, the tail of a humpback whale appears, twisting gracefully in the sea.

The clip, filmed in northern Norway, captures Kari Schibevaag as she sits in a blue and orange kayak on calm waters

It splashes water backwards before disappearing under the sea – only to resurface moments later.

Ms Schibevaag then begins to film the creatures herself as another much larger boat edges closer.

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Before long, the kayaker paddles her boat towards the group as three whales bob in and out of the water simultaneously ahead of her.

She then moves even closer to the playful mammals, filming herself with the stunning creatures.

At one point, three of the whales breach the surface together, splashing water into the air as they swim away from the boats.

Just ahead of the kayaker, a humpback whale appears, twisting gracefully as it breaches the water 

A pair of humpback whales appear from within the sea together just feet from the tiny boat

An underwater camera then shows at least five of the humpback whales travelling through the sea underneath the two boats.

The video was posted to YouTube on Saturday with the caption: ‘When the humpbacks are not hunting for food or sleeping they can be quite playful.

‘And they readily take part in a selfie… as here in northern Norway with Kari Schibevaag.’

Ms Schibevaag has previously viewed similar scenes while on a paddle-board. 

She has also snorkeled with killer whales in Norway and often posts pictures of her adventures to an audience of 21,000 on Instagram.

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