JAPAN has revealed it has “some suspicions” about the health of the periodically missing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  

The country’s defence minister made the bombshell comment at a press briefing and added he thought recent movements in the secretive state were “all very strange”.

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Following his first disappearing act, reports emerged claiming the enigmatic 36-year-old despot had died or was gravely ill after a botched heart operation.

After vanishing for 20 days he turned up on May 1 at a newly-constructed fertiliser plant before again disappearing from public.

But on May 24 Kim reappeared after another three week absence to discuss putting his nuclear forces on "high alert" amid speculation about his health.

And comments made by Japan's defense minister Taro Kono today were bound to rekindle rumours about the dictator.

He told reporters: "We have some suspicions about his [Kim Jong-un’s] health."

Taro said the "very strange movements in North Korea were because of Kim "trying not to get infected,” as the "virus is spreading around" the country. 

He said Japan, the US, and others have been exchanging information about him.

But adding to the mystery, he did not elaborate on what he thought was the matter with the rocket wielding tyrant, saying: "I’m not allowed to discuss intelligence issues."

North Korea has steadfastly claimed it hasn't recorded a single virus case, but foreign experts are highly skeptical. 

They believe the pandemic worsened economic troubles because the hermit state has closed its border with China, its biggest trading partner and economic pipeline.


But despite the coronavirus chaos, North Korea is reportedly bent on achieving a "nuclear war deterrent" to match the US.

A 5,500-word report published by the North Korean Foreign Ministry has laid bare its plan to "combat American aggressions", reports NKNews.

The report was published ahead of the 70 year anniversary of the Korean War.

Yesterday it was reported North Korea warned a new war between it and South Korea may lead the communist nation’s leader Kim Jong-un to order a nuclear strike against the US.

In its statement, North Korea said it had missiles and nuclear weapons "which are capable of mercilessly punishing those who dare to raise a hand to the DPRK".

It adds: "The main purpose of which is the movement and deployment of the American armed forces on the Korean peninsula from abroad and from the mainland and the quick delivery of an attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea."

But while the nuclear weapons rhetoric is ratcheted up, something strange is going on in the background with its leader, who is usually photographed out and about inspecting factories, weapons or special events.

Since Kim’s initial disappearance on May 1, state media has carried a steady stream of stories on Kim sending or receiving letters and diplomatic correspondence.

But they have not shown him attending public events.

Kim's longest public absence was for 40 days in 2014 when he is believed to have undergone a medical procedure on his ankle.

This comes as Kim's Supreme Commander emblem has been erased from state TV, according to reports.

The symbol of a star and wreath was absent in a number of shows about the ruthless dictator and also “covered up” in one segment, NK News reported.

According to the news outlet, which utilises defectors and sources within the secretive country, the move may be linked to constitutional changes last year that scrapped the title "Supreme Commander".

Kim is now referred to as "commander-in-chief".

Adding to the mystery, Kim was snapped chin-wagging with what appears to be his body doubles in bizarre footage which has resurfaced amid rumours he had died.

The dictator was filmed chatting away with the two suspected lookalikes – dressed identically in his signature black pinstripe suit and Cuban heels.

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