‘When I was hit I saw the colour of death’: Kurdish asylum seeker tells of his incredible experiences killing ‘250 ISIS fighters’ as a sniper after leaving Britain to fight terror group in Syria

  • Azad Cudi joined YPG in 2013 and a year later found himself defending Kobani 
  • He was struck by a rocket fired by an ISIS fighter and ‘saw the colour of death’
  • Mr Cudi’s claimed kills would be higher than Chris Kyle in film American Sniper

Azad Cudi writes about his experiences in My Life As A Sniper In The Fight Against ISIS (pictured, the front cover) 

A former Kurdish asylum seeker has claimed he killed 250 ISIS terrorists while serving as a sniper with Kurdish forces in Syria.

Azad Cudi joined the YPG volunteer army in 2013 and a year later found himself among a 2,500-strong mixed male and female force defending the city of Kobani from 12,000 bloodthirsty jihadists.

Among brutal street-to-street fighting, the 35-year-old was struck by a rocket fired by an ISIS fighter. ‘When I was hit I saw the colour of death and experienced its wild emotions,’ he wrote.

Mr Cudi sought asylum in Britain aged 19 after fleeing conscription into the Iranian Army to fight against the Kurds – his own people.

When the Syrian revolution erupted in 2011, allowing ISIS to gain territory for its ‘caliphate’, he decided he had to return to try and save his homeland.

He began fighting as a sniper in 2013 after a brief period of training using old rifles and sights.

‘I was defending my land, my people, civilians,’ he wrote in an extract of Long Shot: My Life As A Sniper In The Fight Against ISIS seen by The Express.

He soon found himself facing crazed ISIS fighters high on drugs like ecstasy and carrying keys they thought would be used to gain entry to heaven.

Mr Cudi he killed 250 jihadists – while a fellow sniper shot dead 500.

If that figure is correct, then it is more than the number of kills recorded by US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, which was portrayed in the film ‘American Sniper’. 

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Mr Kyle killed 160 people – higher than any other US serviceman.  

Now back home in northern England, Mr Cudi says he has increased his security in case he is targeted by ISIS sympathisers in Britain. 

‘There are sleeper cells which could be anywhere but I have my security and I am careful,’ he said. 

‘I am lucky to be living in an open, democratic society and I appreciate my life in Britain.’ 

Mr Cudi was operated on after being hit by the rocket and has now recovered.  

Mr Cudi was involved in defending Kobani after Isis laid siege to the city. Pictured are coalition airstrikes on October 18, 2014 

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