The child was prosecuted after it hit the other customer’s face.

It sparked a bust-up between three of his friends and four young women which spilled outside.

Cops spent months investigating before charging the teen with assaulting a woman “by using a straw to fire a chip, hitting her in the face”.

The rap was dropped after two magistrate hearings ended when the boy accepted a caution. His mum said the case was a waste of money and insisted he actually fired a bit of the straw’s wrapper at a pal.

She added: “It’s ridiculous. I tried to put a chip in a McDonald’s straw. It doesn’t fit.”

Police said the boy’s three pals, all 13, were also charged with assault over the bust-up at the Broadway shopping centre, Hammersmith, West London, in November.

One pleaded guilty, one was referred for a caution and the third is awaiting trial.

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