Quebec’s English school boards are slated to close this November and be replaced with service centres after Quebec passed bill 40 last weekend. The impacts of the change are still being measured by officials at English schools, and a legal challenge could be on the horizon.

“It’ll be a sad day for sure,” said Dan Lamoureux, chair of the Riverside School Board on the South Shore. After 20 years of working within Riverside, his job will end when the reform is enacted in the English system this fall.

“I put a lot of effort and time into the school board to do what’s best for the community and the children in our school, so I’m going to miss it.”

Like many, he still has a lot of questions about just what will change when school boards are replaced by service centers, and what the effects on students and their parents will be.

“I really don’t know, because it’s so fluid. It’s difficult to ascertain exactly what will happen and how we will function,” he said.

One of his concerns is where a parent will bring a complaint when school commissioners are replaced by boards of directors.

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