Superstar! Little Edgar, aged THREE, recites the planets and continents (though he does get a little muddled) for his father in adorable footage

  • A youngster from Hertfordshire has been filmed reciting the planets 
  • Edgar, 3, has shown off what he’s been learning during coronavirus lockdown 
  • He demonstrates to his father the different planets and continents on Earth
  • With a little help, Edgar is able to name all seven continents to his father 

A little boy’s future is looking bright after he was filmed reciting the planets and the continents for his father.

Edgar, aged three, from Hertfordshire, demonstrates what he has been learning at nursery during the coronavirus lockdown to his father in an adorable video.

‘Wenus and Neptune and Pluta. Pluta is far away at the Sun!’ Edgar proudly explains to his key worker father. 

A little boy from Hertfordshire is certainly on the right track for a bright future as video footage shows him reciting the different planets in the solar system and continents on Earth

Edgar, 3, demonstrates to his father what he has learnt during the coronavirus lockdown

The video, which was recorded on Father’s Day, shows the youngster explaining to his father the different continents on planet Earth – although he gets a little muddled.

‘Africa. South America. Asia. South America. Antarctica. Egypt. And Mars,’ he says, a little confused. ‘I can’t watch the continents! I can’t talk the continents!’ he exclaims.

But determined, Edgar adds: ‘South America, Egypt, Antarctica, South America and Egypt.’

His father said: ‘Edgar had to go to a new nursery because his previous one closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We’re so proud of how he’s been applying himself at his new nursery!’

The youngster also points out the different planets on a big poster before identifying Earth

He can be seen needing a bit of help to remember the seven continents on earth though

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