A MAN reportedly sliced off his penis and tried to flush it down the toilet after having a mental breakdown.

The 50-year-old's roommate called police at about 11.45 am yesterday, believing their friend had cut his arm — but medics later found he had virtually castrated himself. 

Police officers responding to an apartment on Main Street in Tottenville, on Staten Island, found the man with a wound to his right arm, which he said was self-inflicted, reports the New York Post.

But the man later admitted to EMTs that he cut off his penis and threw it into an upstairs toilet, sources said.

First responders confirmed the man’s penis was missing. 

Medical workers also discovered one of the man’s testicles was cut off, sources said.

Police found a massive amount of blood inside the second-floor bathroom, according to sources.

The man told police he was bipolar and suffered from schizophrenia. 

He added that he had become ill after not taking his medication for several months, sources said.

It is not clear if his penis was found and, if so, was reattached by surgeons.

In July, an Australian man was allegedly "found with a penis in his freezer", reports suggest.

Police made the alleged shocking discovery at the flat of Ryan King, 27, in inner-city Brisbane while they were investigating a mutilation incident last weekend, according to reports.

Police and paramedics reportedly found a 26-year-old Sydney man with his genitals partially removed after they were called to a city backpacker hostel.

The man travelled to Brisbane from Sydney after arranging for Mr King to fulfil a castration fetish fantasy, the New Zealand Herald report.

It's claimed that the pair started talking online.

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