What would Jesus do?

A North Carolina man named Jesus was criminally charged for destroying a church’s antique stained glass window with a rock, reports said.

Jesus Jose Arellano was charged with injury to real property for using a foot-long sandstone rock to hack through 6 inches of plexiglass to reach the stained glass window at Grace Moravian Church Monday night, WXII 12 reported Thursday.
About 2 square feet of the 30-foot stained glass window, which dates back to 1925, was destroyed from Arellano’s vandalism, the outlet said.

Cops found the less-than-holy Arellano lurking in a nearby cemetery the next day and arrested him, the outlet reported.

Neil Ruth, the church’s pastor, found the vandalism odd and said Grace Moravian is a symbol of kindness in the community.

It was not immediately clear if anything was stolen or what Arellano’s motive for the vandalism was.

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