Heartwarming moment man and his pet donkey cry as they are reunited after two months without seeing each other during Spain’s nationwide coronavirus lockdown

  • Ismael Fernández shared a video on his Facebook account of Monday’s reunion with his pet donkey Baldomera at the family’s farm in Malaga, Spain
  • The 38-year-old became emotional while petting Baldomera’s head for the first time in over two months due to a nationwide coronavirus lockdown
  • Fernández, a marketing director, noticed Baldomera appeared to be crying due to the joy of seeing her best friend
  • The footage gained more than 2,000 impressions and over 1,700 shares on the social media page  
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Ismael Fernández could not wait any longer to visit the family farm in Malaga, Spain, earlier this week after the local government initiated the first phase of reopening following a nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

The anticipated visit meant that the 38-year-old would not only get to see his brother, but also his pet donkey Baldomera.

Monday’s reunion simply was a tear jerking moment for the best friends as they came face-to-face for the first time in more than two months.

Ismael Fernández shared the emotional reunion he had Monday with his pet donkey Baldomera at his family’s farm in the southern Spain city of Malaga. He opened an Instagram account for the donkey, @Baldomerayyo, and uploaded the selfie above as the first post

Ismael Fernández is heard in the video crying as he petted Baldomera after not seeing her for over two months due to lockdown measures that were imposed by the government of Spain to combat the coronavirus pandemic

Fernández had no idea how Baldomera would react upon seeing him and recorded the moment he approached the fenced-off area at the farm in El Borge.

Baldomera is seen in the video slowly trotting toward Fernández, who subsequently stroked her furry head while asking her where had she been.

Fernández got a bit emotional and sobbed behind the camera as Baldomera started braying.

“I am not ashamed that you hear me cry because here is one of the most unconditional demonstrations of love that exist,’ Fernández wrote on a Facebook post that included a selfie of him and the donkey. 

Baldomera (pictured) at Ismael Fernández’s family farm in the Malaga town of El Barge

Baldomera apparently let out a cry of joy while her owner Ismael Fernández cried after they saw each other for the first time since March

The Facebook footage went viral, drawing more than 2,000 impressions and over 1,700 shares

The marketing director even noticed Baldomera was overwhelmed from the emotional encounter and cried, too.

The footage went viral, drawing more than 2,000 impressions and over 1,700 shares.

The emotional meeting drove Fernández to create an Instagram account under the username @Baldomerayyo [Baldomera and I].

The account’s first post was a selfie of both of them together. 

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