MASKED Black Lives Matter protesters hurled insults and racial slurs at a black cop as he stood outside a Los Angeles police precinct Wednesday night.

The demonstrators were caught on video screaming in the officer's face, as he remained calm and collected, after a decision in the Breonna Taylor case sparked nationwide protests.

The LAPD officer doesn't say a word to protesters in the video, which has since been shared hundreds of times on Twitter since it went up early Thursday.

The agitators can be seen shaking their fingers in the cop's face, and calling him a "b***h a** n***a" and a "f***ing h*," among other insults.

One protester even appears to make a shooting motion with their fingers right in front of the officer's face. Another jeers from behind what appears to be a Mike Myers Halloween mask.

While none of the protesters actually touch the officer in the video, one is shining a bright cell phone light in his face throughout the entire exchange.

The unrest in Los Angeles was sparked after an announcement that theKentucky grand jury had decided not to directly charge the three cops that were on the scene when Taylor was killed in her Louisville home in March.

Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT, was hit by multiple bullets when three officers entered her home on a botched warrant while her and her boyfriend were asleep.

Her boyfriend thought the cops were intruders and fired a gun at them. They returned fire, hitting Taylor five times.

Her death has been a major focus point of the Black Lives Matter movement and the nationwide call for racial equality and police reform.

The grand jury's decision to only indict one of the cop's involved, Brett Hankison, and to not actually change him with her death has led to mass unrest.

Hankison received three wanton endangerment charges, and the other two officers with him received no charges.

Protesters in Louisville responded with heartbreak and frustration. Demonstrations were held across the city, and turned violent during the night.

Two police officers were shot during the unrest. One had to undergo surgery, but both are expected to recover.

Police said that 127 people were arrested during the protests, including a man suspected of shooting the officers.

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