Now it’s Thomas Armani! Meghan Markle’s estranged father is set to launch his own menswear collection, claims daughter Samantha

  • Samantha, 53, tweeted to her followers on Wednesday am making the claim
  • She said ‘I’ll keep you updated’ on the tweet which isn’t available publicly 
  • The move has been branded as the latest in a string of Markle publicity stunts 

Meghan Markle’s estranged father Thomas is apprently gearing up to release his own menswear collection, according to a private tweet posted by his daughter Samantha.

Samantha, who is the Duchess of Sussex’s half sister, posted the tweet on Wednesday morning. 

It read: ‘So excited about my father’s new #clothing line for men! Will keep you posted!’ 

Thomas Markle interview expressing his regret about not attending beloved daughter’s wedding the 74-year-old now has his own clothing line on the way according to his daughter

Samantha Markle’s tweet on Wednesday. The 53-year-old received a backlash from some users

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The move comes after the infamous paparazzi shots of Mr Markle shopping for suits for his daughter’s marriage to Prince Charles in May. 

Now the 74-year-old retired television lighting director is allegedly designing his own.  

Samantha claimed back in May that her father’s ‘staged’ paparazzi photos were on her say-so and insisted it was all for the benefit of the Royal Family.

The 53-year-old mother-of-three insisted the stunt was not to rake in cash before the wedding.  

The pictures commissioned by the former model showed her father surfing the net for pictures of the royal couple and apparently being measured for a suit in his hometown in Mexico. 

Wheelchair bound Samantha Markle on Good Morning Britain speaking about the relationship between Meghan and their father, Thomas Markle 

Samantha’s tweet concerning her father’s upcoming clothing line has been brushed off as yet another publicity stunt by users.

One user called Trish said: ‘Meghan’s father launching clothes line. Scam is his clothes going to have a label that says ‘100% made from money I made belittling my daughter in the media!’ Wash with care made of 100% green vile that came from Sam’s mouth.’   

The role of Meghan Markle’s family has been a destabilising one for the Royal Family, with the former trying to cash in on the wedding and exposure of Harry and Meghan. 

Thomas Markle’s media storm: How it unfolded

November 27, 2017: Kensington Palace announces the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

December 2017: Meghan’s father Thomas Markle is pictured near his home in Rosarito, Mexico, going to Walmart and buying beers

April 2018: In the run-up to the royal wedding, Thomas is pictured reading a book about landmarks of Britain, looking at pictures of the couple online, and being fitted for a suit

May 2018: Mail on Sunday reveals Thomas Markle staged the paparazzi photos in a bid to improve his public image and may have made up to £100,000 from them. It was later revealed to be Samantha Markle’s idea

17 May 2018: Bride-to-be Meghan reveals her father will not be flying to London for the wedding, after reports he suffered a heart attack

19 May 2018: Thomas Markle watches the wedding on TV from Mexico as the Prince of Wales steps in at the last minute to walk Meghan up the aisle

18 June 2018: Meghan’s father gives his first TV interview with Good Morning Britain and leaks details of his private conversations with Harry and Meghan – including their desire to have children and Harry’s views on President Trump

26 June 2018: Thomas Markle tells TMZ he feels he is being frozen out by the Palace and is insulted that he has not been invited to meet the Queen

5 July 2018: The Duchess of Sussex’s father tells friends he fears their relationship is ‘lost’ forever and he may never see his daughter again

28 July 2018: Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Thomas Markle says his daughter is ignoring him and has changed all her numbers since marrying Harry. He ominously warns he ‘won’t be silenced’

14 August 2018: In another interview with the Mail On Sunday, Thomas Markle claims he hung up on Prince Harry in a heated phone exchange

Samantha Markle, who also goes by Samantha Grant, told Good Morning Britain in July that ‘we all have to survive’ when talking about cashing in on her famous sibling. 

She said: ‘Let’s face it, we all have to survive. Money makes the world go round, so if you want to call that cashing in, that’s fine, but I think no one in media would refuse a paycheck for talking about the royal and, as a family, we’re not subject to royal protocol.

‘With all due respect, it’s not just Meghan. We’re entitled to share that,’ Samantha continued. ‘I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s not disparaging. It’s not harmful.’  

Meghan Markle, 37, in a horse-drawn carriage with her new husband Prince Harry, 33, in May

As drama continues to swirl thanks to Thomas’ continuous public outbursts, eagle-eyed royal fans have pointed out that Thomas Markle was also absent from Meghan’s wedding to film producer Trevor Engleson in Jamaica in 2011.

A handful of media outlets have previously reported that he wasn’t there, but his absence takes on a new significance as his difficulties with Meghan, 37, continue to play out in the public eye and indicates that their current issues are nothing new.

Meghan and Trevor tied the knot at the Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios in front of 100 guests, including Meghan’s mother Doria who was pictured paddling in the sea with her daughter during the festivities.

However, as well as missing out on her big day with Prince Harry in May after reportedly suffering a heart attack, retired lighting director Thomas was not present for the celebrations in Jamaica either.

Kensington Palace declined to comment when approached by MailOnline.







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