Meghan Markle’s half-brother asked to drop fiancée’s no-contact order

EXCLUSIVE: Court recording reveals Meghan Markle’s half-brother begged judge to lift no-contact order against his fiancée after she was arrested for ‘giving him a black eye’ – but he will still have to testify at her trial

  • Thomas Markle Jr, 51, asked a judge to lift a no-contact order against fiancée Darlene Blount, 37, during a court hearing in August 
  • In an audio clip obtained by DailyMailTV, Thomas Jr is heard pleading with a judge saying he does not fear for his safety despite Blount’s violent history
  • Blount, who lives with Thomas Jr in Grants Pass, Oregon, is due to stand trial next week for two counts of fourth degree assault
  • The half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex suffered a black eye in July after Blount ‘slugged him’ during a physical altercation while they were driving home
  • The judge presiding over the case ultimately agreed to drop the order, but Thomas is expected to testify at the trial next week 

Meghan Markle’s half-brother asked a judge to lift a no-contact order against his fiancée weeks after she was arrested for allegedly assaulting him.  

Court records obtained by DailyMailTV reveal Thomas Markle Jr pleaded to have the clause against Darlene Blount removed, claiming the incident which left him with a black eye was ‘pretty much an accident.’

Blount, 37, was arrested and charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault in July after Markle Jr called the police to couple’s Grants Pass, Oregon home.

He is set to testify as a witness for the prosecution at her trial next week.

The 51-year-old signed the order against his fiancée barring her from having any physical contact with him, but only to ask to have it tossed weeks later.

In an audio clip of an August court hearing obtained by DailyMailTV, Thomas Jr is heard pleading his case to the judge and explaining the couple has reconciled and have a home together.

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Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr, 51, asked a judge to lift a no-contact order against fiancee Darlene Blount, 37, weeks after she was arrested for assault at their Grants Pass, Oregon home in July 

Darlene Blount was arrested and charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault for allegedly ‘slugging’ Thomas Jr in the right eye during a heated argument. Blount was thrown in jail but was bailed out by her fiance two days later

‘The first thing is she’s a single mom, she shares custody over her son and over the last year and a half I’ve filled the father role,’ he says in the clip. 

‘She’s the most important thing in her son’s life and it’s really important she has that. We have a home together and we’ve grown a lot since we’ve been together.

‘Occasionally, a couple of bad things happen once in a while from our pasts that just needs to be worked on.’  

Police have been called to Blount and Markle Jr’s home multiple times over the past two years for domestic disputes that have seen them both thrown in jail.

When asked if he feared for his safety, Thomas Jr replied: ‘No. Not at all.’

‘The incident that happened was pretty much an accident. When it happened it was unclear because I was driving and we were sort of arguing.’

He reveals he was sent to a ‘women’s crisis center’ which he describes as ‘the most valuable and informative place I’ve been to in a long time.’

Markle Jr and Blount have a history of being abusive towards each other. Thomas was arrested in 2016 for allegedly holding a gun to his fiancee’s head 

‘It’s given me a lot of really insight on things I need to work on myself, prior to couple’s counseling we’re going to do. She really opened up my eyes a lot, it was the most informative place I’ve ever been.’

The prosecutor told the judge during the hearing that he agreed on lifting the order, but hit back at Markle Jr’s claim that the altercation was an accident.

‘For the record I would like to point that from out the narrative on the police report this was not an accident. Miss Blount, it sounds like she slugged Mr Markle, so I don’t see any accident there,’ the prosecutor says. 

‘Alcohol played a role in this incident so it’s the State’s hope that both Miss Blount and Mr Markle are addressing that as well, but ultimately we will not object.’

The judge ultimately granted the order in Thomas Jr’s favor saying: ‘Although it’s never fun to have the state intervene in your personal affairs, sometimes it can be a good thing.’ 

Markle replied: ‘You get to know somebody after you live with them a while and from our pasts we both have issues that we need to work on. It’s become so apparent and clear that all the help is out there and the foundation is there because we love each other.’

Meghan Markle is the half-sister of Thomas Markle Jr and the future sister-in-law of Darlene Blount but remains estranged from her siblings. She is pictured above with Prince Harry during their tour

Big brother: A young Thomas Markle plays with baby Meghan in a family photo 

Blount, however, is still set to stand trial on October 30 at the Josephine County court where Thomas Jr and a Grants Pass police officer will be called as a witnesses.

According to the charging sheet, Blount ‘did unlawfully and recklessly cause injury’ to her fiance. 

A probable cause affidavit revealed she ‘punched [Thomas Jr] in the eye, causing him physical injury to his right eye.’ 

She later claimed she accidentally hit him in the face with her purse during a row about his jealousy.

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Blount previously told that the pair got into an argument in their car after she decided to go out with some of her girlfriends, adding that Markle Jr ‘gets pretty jealous’ if she goes to a bar without him.

Blount said she demanded to get out of the car but accidentally clipped Markle Jr in the eye with the corner of her purse as she made her exit.

Markle Jr, however, said it was Blount’s elbow that hit him in the eye while she tried to reach for her handbag in the back seat.

‘I thought she intentionally hit me, which wasn’t the case. When we got home the argument continued, so I then phoned police and she left the house,’ he said.  

Markle Jr (pictured with his fiancée in 2017) asked the judge to drop the order stating he and Blount share a home and he is a father figure to her son 

Blount was arrested and thrown in jail before being bailed out by Thomas Jr two days later. 

She has been released on a $1,000 security bond to ensure she does not flee before the hearing.

The two appear to have a volatile relationship with a long history of domestic violence.  

Blount was arrested on New Year’s Eve last year during another drunken altercation in which she was accused of beating Thomas Jr at their home. Prosecutors ultimately declined to press charges. 

In 2016, Thomas Jr was arrested for holding a gun to Blount’s head during another drunken row.


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