Melania Trump claims she is 'one of the most bullied people in the world'

President Donald Trump's wife Melania also said she does not trust some people who have worked in the West Wing.

In a wide-ranging interview, she also shed light on the #MeToo movement, saying women who allege sexual abuse must produce "really hard evidence".

The interview was recorded during her whistle-stop tour across four African nations last week.

She told ABC News: "I could say that I'm the most bullied person on the world."

"You're the most bullied person in the world?" asked presenter Tom Llamas.

"One of them," replied Melania "if you really see what people are saying about me."

The interview was filmed in Kenya and airs in full on Friday.

Melania said she does not trust some people in the West Wing, and that she has given Mr Trump her "honest advice" about them.

"Well, some people they don't work there anymore," she said when asked what action Mr Trump had taken.

"It's harder to govern," she said. "You always need to watch your back."

Mrs Trump last week undertook her first solo trip abroad as US first lady, traveling to Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt.

Earlier in her trip overseas, she defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

His nomination was almost derailed by an allegation – which he denied – that as a high school teenager he once sexually assaulted a girl.

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