Michelin-starred Danish restaurant Noma swaps 20-course £300 meals with £20 burgers as it turns into a takeaway food and wine bar during lockdown

  • Michelin-star restaurants are finding themselves having to amid the pandemic
  • Noma in Denmark, spoken of as one of the world’s best, now does takeaway 
  • Burgers and wine are now on the menu, with a small selection to choose from 
  • Limited seating is on offer for diners to eat beside the outdoor wine bar 

A world famous, Michelin-starred restaurant is doing its best to adapt during these unprecedented times and has taken the bold step of becoming a takeaway burger joint.

Denmark’s Noma restaurant, often spoken in culinary conversations as one of the world’s finest dining locations, has re-opened its doors for a limited takeaway service as lockdown restrictions loosen.

Gone is the usual 20-course menu priced at £300 per person, and instead tantalising burgers using some of the most premium cuts are available for collection, as report the Guardian.

Customers looking to get their luxury fix will have to part with the sum of £20 for a burger, of which comes two options; the ‘Noma cheeseburger’ and the ‘Noma veggie burger.’

World renowned Noma restaurant in Denmark is selling two burgers, each priced at £20, as the Michelin-star diner looks to ease back into a pattern of normality

The Copenhagen eatery is often spoken of as one of the world’s finest dining experiences

Fine wine is also available, as the glamorous establishment showcases its versatility by becoming a burger and wine take-out experience until customers are able to dine safety inside once more.

Customers can collect and take their gourmet food home, or eat in the outside gardens located by the eatery, with limited space. 

The two-Michelin starred restaurant run by renowned chef Rene Redzepi, located in the capital Copenhagen, officially closed its doors on March 14 as the coronavirus pandemic sent the world into a state of shock.

Both available burgers, which have been carefully curated, have been described as ‘packed with umami, with a little bit of magic from our fermentation cellar, and served on a freshly baked potato bun.’

Reduced service hours will see the restaurant will open from 1pm to 9pm each day only from Thursday to Sunday. 

Customers can take their £20 burger home or eat outside in a limited spacing garden area, equipped with a serviced wine bar

The cheeseburger and the vegetarian option featuring quinoa-tempeh, will be served for at least the next six weeks as customers make their way back to their favourite eatery.

Noma’s site indicates the cheeseburger, priced at £20, features dry-aged bavette steak, beef garum (a fermented sauce with roots in ancient Rome), cheddar cheese, sliced red onion, pickles and a house-made mayonnaise.

‘We feel in the first phase of the reopening that we want to be open for all,’ Redzepi told the Guardian

‘We need to heal, so let’s have a glass and a burger. You’re all invited.’

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