Kellyanne Conway isn’t mincing words when it comes to who she thinks is the ‘superior’ first lady. She has Melania Trump’s back all the way! See what she had to say about Michelle Obama.

It just got a little shadier in Washington, DC! White House counselor Kellyanne Conway bumped into TMZ in the nation’s capital, and the photog talked to her about Melania Trump not being featured on any magazine covers as first lady, while Michelle Obama was on thirty covers in her eight years in office. Conway didn’t miss a beat, telling TMZ, “Melania Trump is such a superior and excellent first lady. This country is so lucky to have her.

“As first lady…her work with youth — you saw her in the East Wing [of the White House] recently talking about the opioid crisis and about empowering young kids in their curriculum in public schools,” Conway continued. “She’s just doing a wonderful job…she’s a philanthropist, she’s a wonderful role model for women and girls, and really anyone, everywhere. I don’t think she needs to be on the cover of a magazine for everyone to see how wonderful her work is.”

We’re dizzy from all that spinning. Say what you will about Conway, but you have to admit that she’s a talented spin doctor. Whichever first lady you prefer, it seems like there’s no (outward) bad blood between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama. The two women chatted cordially at former first lady Barbara Bush‘s funeral on April 21, and even posed for a photo together. Despite her being married to his biggest critic, former president Barack Obama cheerily greeted her, as well.

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