She is seen necking the long-neck bottle as she looks out from a beach bar in Bali.

The woman is thought to have been in the Indonesian hotspot – known for its hard-partying culture – for a family holiday.

In footage that has divided the internet, the woman is seen taking one swig from the bottle while rocking her child in her other arm.

She then takes another massive gulp at the Bintang brew and appears to finish it before turning to set the bottle down.

The cameraman can be heard joking, "Oh my God, parenting tips 101" as he struggles to contain his laughter.

Some viewers found the video hilarious — commending the mum for her "multitasking" and for being able to have fun on her holiday.

One woman said: "All y'all non-parents are throwing way too much shade at this. Very judgy".

Another joked: "At least she knows where her kid is at. Gotta do what you gotta do baby."

But others scorned her for potentially putting the tot in harm's way.

One wrote: "Jetstar need to stop making Bali accessible to f***wits".

Another said: "That poor baby looks so uncomfortable".

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