‘Don’t mention Joe being involved. They are paranoid.’ More texts and emails emerge hours before debate showing Hunter Biden and his business partners talking about ‘my family brand’ and deal in China

  • A series of texts and emails about Hunter Biden’s purported to involve his business operations came to light Thursday 
  • Some appear to reference Joe Biden as the ‘chairman’
  • One message between business partners says ‘Don’t mention Joe being involved’ 
  • Another has a reference to ‘My Chairman’ – who could be Biden 
  • 2017 email lists ‘phase one domestic contacts’ It was provided by James Biden to Hunter Biden and others discussing venture with Chinese energy company 
  • President Trump has already said he plans to raise Hunter issues at debate Fox News says they were obtained not from Hunter laptop that Rudy Giuliani gave to the press 
  • The disclosures come as President Trump has been hammering Joe Biden for ‘corruption’
  • Biden has denied any overseas business dealings and has called the release of emails from son Hunter’s laptop a ‘smear.’ 

A flurry of emails about Hunter Biden and his international business dealings emerged just hours before Thursday’s third and final presidential debate – with Joe Biden’s family certain to play a starring role in President Trump’s attacks.

Many of the documents show Hunter Biden jealously apprising the value of his family name in contacts with his business partners. Some of the texts reference ‘the chairman’ in chats one partner has identify as the former vice president.

They span the globe from China to Romania, and appear to show efforts by the former vice president’s son, who graduated from Yale Law School and founded Rosemont Seneca Partners – but has acknowledged struggling with drugs and making bad decisions – with seeking to cash in on his famous name.

A flurry of emails about Hunter Biden and his international business dealings emerged just hours before Thursday’s third and final presidential debate

In one of the texts, Hunter Biden business partner James Gilliar tells another partner, Tony Bobulinski, to use discretion talking about the Biden name.    

‘Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid’, he wrote, Fox News reported, in one of numerous disclosures the network said was ‘unrelated’ to the Hunter Biden laptop information that Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani provided to the New York Post.

‘OK they should be paranoid about things,’ was Bobulinski’s response, written May 20.

Gilliar writes: ‘U need to stress to H, does he want to be the reason or factor that blows up his dad’s campaign.’

In another group message, Hunter Biden writes to Bobulinski: ‘Hey TONY I have no idea. In light of the fact wwe are at an impasse of sorts, and both James’ lawyers and my Chairman gave an emphatic NO- I think we should all meet in Romania on Tuesday next week. 

Biden has denied any overseas business dealings and has called the release of emails from son Hunter’s laptop a ‘smear.’ 

Trump made plans to bring Bobulinski to the debate as his ‘special guest,’ an apparent attempt to rattle Biden and steal a play from his 2016 playbook, when he brought Clinton sex accusers to a debate.  

In still another document, Fox reported on a 2017 email from Joe Biden’s brother James to his business partners. 

James and Sara Biden arrive at the White House to attend the State Dinner for South Korea, Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011, in Washington

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani provided information from Hunter Biden’s laptop to the New York Post

Slobodan, Damiyano, Tiana Jovac, Cain McKnight, Andrey Abramov, Tony Bobulinski at the UN Women For Peace Association Annual Luncheon

A text from Hunter references a business effort to be ‘partners with the Bidens’

Partners said ‘Chairman’ refers to Joe Biden

The email lists ‘Phase one domestic contacts/ projects’ as well as ‘key domestic contacts for phase one target projects.’ It goes on to list biographical information on a host of key Democratic figures, including New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, California Sen. Kamal Harris (now Joe Biden’s running mate), and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

The descriptions contain standard biographical information, and no indication they took part or were even contacted. Former Florida Republican Gov. and now senator Rick Scott also was listed.

The tranche of information, much of it reported by outlets supportive of the president, comes as Trump has said he will raise Hunter Biden at the Nashville debate – and keep up his blasts of ‘corruption’ that he has debuted on the campaign trail, where he has referred to the Bidens as a ‘crime family.’ 

A 2017 emails asks if the chairman is ‘just doing infrastructure’ or ‘looking @ technology deals?’

Hunter Biden responds: ‘Everything – the only thing I told them I would not do is defense related technology and and arms and anything that would give the Chinese a military advantage.’ 

A May 19, 2017 email from partner Rob Walker writes that ‘chairman’ is in reference to ‘his dad.’

They emerge weeks after Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani came forward with information he said would prove Biden family ‘corruption’ and reset the race. Biden has been holding steady leads in national polls and in battlegrounds. 

The president has demanded Attorney Bill Barr investigate his rival, and is reportedly angry FBI Director Chris Wray hasn’t done more.

Trump ally Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, where tonight’s debate is being held, called for a special prosecutor to investigate the Biden business dealings.

The affair had echoes of 2016, where Trump repeatedly called for investigations of rival Hillary Clinton, whose use of a private email account prompted an FBI investigation, although no charges were ever brought against her. 

Bobulinksi was an institutional investor who according to Fox joined James and Hunter Biden to help run their venture with CEFC China Energy Co. 

Bublinski told the network: ”I was brought into the company to be the CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden.

He said of the texts and emails: ‘The reference to ‘the Big Guy’ in the much-publicized May 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to Joe Biden. The other ‘JB’ referenced in that email is Jim Biden, Joe’s brother.’ 

He was referring to an email referencing ‘remuneration packages’ in a proposed deal with CEFC. 

The Biden camp, when asked about emails purporting to show business relationships involving Joe Biden, have pointed to his tax returns and other financial disclosures that do not show any income from China or the other deals.

President Trump has not released his tax returns, despite being pressed on it as recently as a TV town hall days ago. The New York Times reported this week that the Trump Organization has an undisclosed bank about in China.  

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