Terrifying moment a motorcyclist speeding at 170mph crashes when a BMW pulls in front of him without indicating

  • The incident happened in late September near Lithuanian capital Vilnius 
  • The motorcyclist was travelling on the highway in excess of 170 miles per hour
  • Helmet cam  footage showed the bike was at 170mph before the crash  
  • Amazingly, the motorcyclist escapes serious injury despite the high speed crash 

This is the terrifying moment a motorcyclist crashed into a car at almost 180 miles per hour. 

The bike, which was covering a staggering three miles every minute, was filmed on a highway outside the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. 

The rider had a camera attached to his helmet which showed the speedometer rising to 280km/h – which works out at 170 miles per hour. 

The motorbike was travelling at around 170mph when a BMW pulled out in front of it

Moments later the bike ploughs into the back of a car and the rider is sent flying across the tarmac. 

The motorcyclist kept his helmet down to reduce his profile and reduce drag while accelerating rapidly towards 180mph 

The footage shows the motorcyclist being thrown into the air after colliding with the BMW

Because of the extreme speed, the motorist did not see the rapidly approaching motorcyclist and pulled out in front of him after changing lanes. 

The incident happened on the road between Klaipeda and Kanus in late September. 

Despite the impact, the motorcyclist was able to walk away from the crash with just cuts and bruises. 


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