Sarah Bramley, 29, from Darlington, Co Durham, was allegedly at the centre of a deadly love triangle which resulted in her former partner killing her new boyfriend.

In December 2017, David Saunders, 33, was jailed for 22 and a half years after he admitted killing Michael Lawson, 34.

Before the murder Miss Bramley, a former law student, is alleged to have sent Saunders an explicit image of her with Mr Lawson.

A judge said the photograph had a "very important bearing" on Saunders' state of mind and the image "tipped him over the edge".

Saunders later stabbed his love rival to death in the street in Darlington in July last year.

Miss Bramley allegedly incited her ex David Saunders to murder Michael Lawson (Bramley and Lawson pictured together)
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David Saunders was jailed for life after he admitted murdering Michael Lawson
Miss Bramley is accused of sending a photograph of her performing a sex act to Saunders

It is believed Miss Bramley moved to Australia after the murder and she was questioned last month when she returned to the UK.

She will appear at Teesside Crown Court next month after she was charged by Durham Police.

Following the murder trial, judge Stephen Ashurst rejected Saunders' defence that he did not intend to kill Mr Lawson.

He also disputed his claim that he did not carry the kitchen knife to the scene that he used to deliver a single fatal blow.

Saunders claimed that Mr Lawson took the knife to protect himself from getting "a good hiding" by a fitter and stronger man.

Miss Bramley, who did not attend the trial, is facing two charges of assisting the commission of an offence.

The first count alleges that between June 29 and July 2 she sent Saunders a picture of her with “another male” and “invited him over to assault him”.

The second charge related to the same period and alleges that the image was capable of encouraging or assisting “a number of offences” and includes the term “murder”.

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