A new mum who noticed her baby daughter was always covering her face during scan photos was stunned to realise it wasn’t with her hands – but instead her legs.

And doctors were even more flabbergasted when little Willow Flather-Paziuk arrived into the world in the position of a ‘ready-to-eat counter chicken’.

The flexible tot had her legs flung forward and feet beside her shoulders puzzling mum Lily Paziuk, 20, who now believes she has a mini gymnast on her hands.

“I had no idea babies could be born like that," said Lily, from Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

"I thought her feet were back to front at first and wondered what was going on."

Doting mum Lily has even affectionately dubbed her daughter ‘little chicken’ because of the position’s hilarious likeness to a cooked chicken.

Thankfully Willow, now one month old, was unharmed and has returned her legs to a more normal position over the course of three weeks.

However, she still prefers to sleep with her legs by her sides with her ankles by her shoulders in a split to rival an experienced gymnast.

Her mum was delighted when an ultrasound confirmed that Willow’s hips were fine and undamaged by the surprising position.

Lily said: “We call her little chicken because she still puts her legs out to the side all the time, even in the position she sleeps in. She does just look like a little chicken.

“Because I had her by caesarean, I didn’t see her straight away so I had no idea.

“The doctors were shocked. I was quite out of it but I do remember they were all quite shocked.

“I could hear them all talking about it but I didn’t know what they were on about. They were all calling her a little gymnast.

“When I got back on the ward all the midwives were laughing that they couldn’t get her feet in the baby grow.

“It was definitely a big surprise for me to see her. I went to change her nappy for the first time and they just sprung out. I was like ‘oh my god’.

“It was like the elephant in the room because I had loads of visitors come and see us and her legs would spill out and no one dared ask about it.

“It’ll definitely be a joke as she grows older. I’ll never let her forget it."

She added: “I think she’ll be very flexible. She can still get back into that position even now.

“When I go to change her nappy sometimes she flings her legs back into that position. She remembers it very well.”

Lily believes her baby, who was born 7lb 8oz, might have become trapped in the strange position after she ran out of room in the womb to move her legs down.

Although Willow was in a normal position at her 15 week scan, Lily had been told at every scan after that her daughter had her hands over her face.

The mum has since realised that it was Willow’s feet covering her face – and can even spot it in her scan photos.

But Lily was terrified that moving her newborn’s legs might hurt her and was disappointed she couldn’t dress her up in any of the new babygrows she had bought for her arrival.

Lily said: “I felt bad because I spent a fortune on all these little baby clothes and she couldn’t wear any of them. She could only wear vests because her legs wouldn’t go in anything.

“She bent her knees the day after, but they were up at her side for about three weeks.

“I struggled to hold her and couldn’t change her nappy. I didn’t even know where to begin.

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“It was really funny, but I was scared of hurting her as well. I was trying to work out if I could put her legs together.

“The midwife checked her over and said it’s not unheard of, but it is quite uncommon to see something like that.

“I’ve got a scan photo at 15 weeks where she’s got her legs down, but then the scan photos after that they always said to me ‘we can’t see her face, we can’t see her face, she’s got her hands all over her face’.

“They knew her legs were up but they thought her feet were going behind her head – but they were over her face.

“It makes a lot more sense now that she’s out and they saw that her legs were in that position as well.”

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