A MUM'S £200,000 dream home has turned into a nightmare with an overflowing toilet and flooded garden.

Pauline Collins, 61, bought the three-bedroom detached house for a fresh start with her son Daniel, 41, who is recovering from a triple heart bypass after suffering a heart attack in February.

The angry homeowner said that has all been "ruined" after she's suffered what she claims is six months of "hell" after moving into her Barratt Homes property in Herts. in November.

Pauline claims her bath, shower and toilet all overflowed within weeks of moving in.

The retired British Airways worker paid extra for her kitchen to be upgraded, but found part of the skirting board missing, a lump out of a door as well as her units and fridge freezer "not being installed properly".

She said: "I was really excited, it is the first time I have bought a brand new house. But now I want them to buy it back off me. It's absolutely shocking.

"As soon as I opened the door I noticed the terrible plasterwork on my staircase.

"There were so many little snags that you would just expect to be right. The finish was very poor and I was fuming."

While having a garden shed installed a few months ago a workman discovered the grass was soaking wet.

When she complained to Barratt they dug up trenches to install the drainage, but because of the coronavirus outbreak they haven't been able to re-turf the garden.

I am so disappointed. I look at my house and I hate it with a passion. Everywhere I look I see things that are wrong.

Pauline said: "The grass was so wet you could barely stand on it. I called Barratt and they did come out and dug trenches in my back garden and installed the drainage.

"But surely this should have been done in the first place.

"They were supposed to be turfing my garden but then the coronavirus lockdown has meant it's gone unfinished.

"So we've had lockdown without a pleasant garden to sit in."

Pauline hoped this home would be a return to her native area as her son recovers but it has only added more stress.

Pauline said: "We have been through enough with Daniel then for all this on top has been incredibly frustrating and stressful.

"Barratt Homes agreed to come out to the house but I asked them to make appointments so I can make sure I'm in and it's a good time with my son ill.

"But on a number of occasions they just turned up."

Pauline accepts that some of the issues have been rectified, but says they should have been done correctly in the first place.

She's slammed the standard of work on her home as "diabolical".

She added: "A total of £200,000 is a lot of money to pay for what we have ended up with.

"I am so disappointed. I look at my house and I hate it with a passion. Everywhere I look I see things that are wrong.

"We don't want to be here anymore."

A Barratt Developments North East spokeswoman said: "All of the issues raised by Ms Collins were completed promptly.

"Additional drainage work was added into the garden as soon as it was needed, with just the re-turf being delayed due to coronavirus and this will be finished shortly.

"As the only major national housebuilder to be awarded five stars for customer satisfaction for 11 years in a row, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we will continue working hard to look after Ms Collins."

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