A MUM's boyfriend allegedly murdered her baby by beating her so hard she had car crash injuries, a court heard yesterday.

Little Orianna Crilly-Cifrova suffered multiple skull fractures in a "violent attack".

The one-year-old died from injuries similar to being swung against a wall, stamped on or hit with an object, the jury heard.

Her mum's boyfriend, Jamie Chadwick, 22, is accused of hitting her.

The baby was rushed to Royal Bolton Hospital on October 16, 2019, before being taken to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and died the next day.

Jurors heard the tragic tot's injuries were so severe they were "akin to being in a road traffic accident".

A post mortem examination revealed the baby had also suffered fractured ribs and spine injuries at least two days earlier.

The court heard Chadwick was under investigation after another woman's baby was injured in July 2018.

And jurors were also told Orianna's mum, Chelsea Crilly, had been warned about her boyfriend's risk.

Both Chadwick and Crilly, 20, appeared before Manchester Crown Court yesterday.


He is charged with murder, while she is charged with causing or allowing the death of a child. Both pleaded not guilty at earlier hearings.

Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, said: "The attack on her was particularly violent.

"This was a sustained and violent fatal attack on a quite helpless child."

The court heard that Crilly began a relationship with Chadwick in early 2019, and lied to social workers and police claiming he had no contact with her child.

Chadwick even hid under a bed when social workers visited the couple's flat in Radcliffe, Gtr Manchester, jurors were told.

Mr Wright said: "It was symptomatic of a young and impressionable woman who was prepared to risk the wellbeing of her child in favour of a continuing relationship with the man Jamie Chadwick."

On October 15 last year Crilly went shopping, leaving Orianna in her partner's care.

When she returned the baby was crying and Chadwick was "angry and aggressive", the court heard.

The next day Crilly left her daughter with Chadwick again and when she returned, he claimed he had been sitting on the toilet when Orianna fell down three steps.

He insisted she was "fine" but when Aysha checked on her she found the child floppy and white.

Chadwick again hid in the bedroom when paramedics arrived, the court heard.

The trial continues.

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