A WOMAN was fined £120 for feeding squirrels in a West London park.

Marie Lachut, 55, was slapped with a penalty for 'littering' the nuts in the Hounslow park.

She was stopped by a an enforcement officer in Lampton Park and was accused of littering.

Martyna Lachut, 22, was furious after she heard what had happened, she told MyLondon: "That’s more than you get for parking,”

“Obviously it was not the first time she’s gone to see the squirrels.

“There is no information on Hounslow Council’s website stating that it is illegal to feed squirrels in local parks.”

Maria had received a penalty notice that specified that squirrels were only allowed to be fed in specific parks.

After she was fined, Maria was approached by another woman who was also handed a fine for feeding squirrels.

The woman said she now carries around a printed copy of an email to prove she is allowed to feed the furry critters – making Martyna believe the fine was unlawful.

She was very surprised she did not believe it was a thing. That's more than what you get for parking.

She has since appealed against it.

"She was very surprised she did not believe it was a thing,” added Martyna.

“She was a little upset. We have been back to the park but are no longer feeding the squirrels.”

She was given a fine of £120, reduced to £80 if paid within 10 days.

This comes as a woman was fined for feeding pigeons with the crumbs from her Greggs vegan sausage roll.

Kerris Fenn, 22, said she had ripped the end of the pastry into 'tiny pieces' to feed a small group of birds in Piccadilly Gardens in the Manchester city centre as they looked 'quite sweet' in August.

But she was shocked when she was given a £150 fine, reduced to £120 if she paid it within ten days.

Manchester City Council has hit back, saying 'feeding the pigeons is littering, plain and simple'.

Ms Fenn, who lives in Cardiff, was visiting her brother in Manchester
when she sat down to enjoy her savoury pastry snack on July 26.

"I was eating a Greggs Sausage Roll. It was less than a mouthful left.
(The pigeons) had gathered around. I thought it was quite sweet," she said.

"I just really like animals, I'm a vegan. I ripped it into tiny pieces. I tried feeding the crumbs to them. It was just a small group, not flocks and flocks," she said.

She said there were 'no crumbs left' after the pigeons gobbled up the remains. But 3GS, on behalf of Manchester City Council, came over and 'demanded her ID'.

"They charged me £120 (for littering). It would have been more than
£150 if I left it more than 10 days. It's outrageous. It's is crazy to
treat me the same as someone who throws litter on the floor," she said.

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