Not much room for mushroom! Woman is stunned to see fungus growing out of her parcel after forgetting to open it for 11 days

  • Chinese woman was amazed after leaving a box of fertiliser sealed for days
  • Footage shows a bunch of mushrooms sprouting from a corner of the packet
  • She thought the incident was ‘so rare’ she decided not to open the delivery

A Chinese woman who forgot to open her parcel for a week and a half has been amazed to see mushrooms growing out of the packet.

The woman who had purchased a box of flower fertiliser online thought the incident was ‘so rare’ she eventually decided not to open the delivery.

Ms Dai from south-western China’s Sichuan Province joked that she could even cook a pot of delicious soup with the fungus sprouting from a corner of the package.

Footage shows Ms Dai from China’s Sichuan Province holding her parcel. The woman forgot to open the box for a week and a half and was surprised to see mushrooms sprouting from it

The woman had bought a box of flower fertiliser, but left the box unopened after receiving it

Footage released by Chinese video news outlet Pear shows Ms Dai holding the brown pack in the small city of Longchang on October 15.

The clip shows a bunch of mushrooms, believed to be oyster mushrooms, attached to one side of the box.

She explained that she had left the parcel at home unopened after receiving it 11 days earlier.

‘[I find this] so strange and am reluctant to open it now,’ she told Pear Video.

A separate video shows a similar incident at a logistic station in the same Chinese province

Coincidentally, a new trending video, also filmed in Sichuan, shows another delivery outgrown by a bundle of oyster mushrooms.

The 17-second footage was posted onto Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok, on Sunday by a worker at a logistic station in Yibin city.

The video-blogger suggested that the fungus had sprouted when the shipment was waiting to be picked up by its owner.

She joked that the parcel had been left there for so long ‘it has even delivered [its baby]’.

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