A bizarre blue ‘mutant’ fish has been spotted in a lake, according to conspiracy theorists.

Jaw-dropping footage posted on YouTube shows what appears to be a brightly-coloured 4ft creature close to the surface of Gaston County lake earlier this month in North Carolina, US.

The clip was posted on YouTube on a channel called Disclose Screen, which has also posted videos claiming to show Bigfoot and extraterrestrials.

A caption alongside it said: "Can someone please identify this anomaly swimming around on a small lake (approx. 3.5 acres)."

It split opinion, with one commenter, Stephanie Robinson, writing: "I really think that it is a dead peacock.

"The object on top , looks like a foot of a fowl…..it’s floating upside down, and possibly something pulling it around from below."

Another, Michael Eldridge, suggested it was a convincing fake.

He wrote: "That’s no fish……..it’s a remote controlled model…….the only time you will see a fish on the surface like that is when it’s dead……..I know because I’ve fished freshwater all my life."

But others thought it could be real.

One YouTuber, named Joanne B, posted under the video: "That is sooo weird.

"At first it looked like a plastic bag but when you zoomed in I could see it was a strange looking creature. Do you think someone may have had it in a tank and it survived being flushed and has grown?"

Others suggested that the fish could have been deliberately injected to make it turn blue, while others identified it as a carp, without explaining how it could turn out to be blue.

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