Two offices in Parliament are sealed off after health minister Nadine Dorries catches coronavirus: Tory MP reveals her aide is also infected as she sends message to colleagues saying ‘I can’t remember every person I was in contact with last week’

  • Health minister Nadine Dorries was diagnosed with the coronavirus yesterday after falling ill on Firday
  • Tory MO met hundreds of people in past week – but may have been exposed to virus as early as February 26
  • She attended reception at No 10 with Boris Johnson – but the PM will not be tested because they did not meet
  • 62-year-old is now in isolation  – Labour’s Rachael Maskell also in self-quarantine after meeting her last week
  • Six people in Britain have died from the disease with 382 infected – almost 2,300 people dead worldwide
  • Have you had contact with Nadine Dorries? Email [email protected] or [email protected]  

Health minister Nadine Dorries’ coronavirus diagnosis has caused chaos in Parliament today as her two offices were sealed off with fearful MPs planning to dodge the budget in the Commons later in case they get it, MailOnline can reveal.

Ms Dorries, who began feeling ill on Friday, has said one of her staff has now ‘gone down’ with the killer illness and she is now in self-isolation for the next fortnight at home in Worcestershire.

Over the weekend she experienced the ‘classic symptoms’ of the disease – a dry cough, high temperature and ‘vice-like’ pain in her chest – and tested positive yesterday. 

Labour’s Rachael Maskell met Ms Dorries, who is Minister for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health, last Thursday and she became the first MP to self-isolate for 14 days after she had a meeting with Ms Dorries last Thursday. 

Ms Dorries’ symptoms began on March 6 – the 14-day incubation period means she could have been first exposed to coronavirus on February 21 and met hundreds of people at meetings in Westminster and in her constituency before she felt poorly. 

Today her parliamentary office in the Norman Shaw North building close to Whitehall and her ministerial office in the Palace of Westminster are both sealed off – as are some corridors leading to them after the MP and a member of staff fell ill with the virus that has killed six so far in Britain and 4,300 globally. 

There is now a mad scramble in Westminster to trace her movements and who she met or came close to since late February – but Ms Dorries has admitted she is struggling to remember herself having been to the Commons tea room, library and is a known user of the Portcullis House canteen used by all staff based at Parliament.

The Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire today sent a message to the Tory MP WhatsApp group this morning asking them to come forward if they were near her in Parliament because it is ‘hard to remember everyone’.  She told colleagues: ‘My staff member has gone down with it too. I haven’t yet given a list to the contact tracers. If you sat next to me in the tea room or library etc please let me know’. 

Senior Government ministers could be tested for coronavirus and she was with the Prime Minister at a Downing Street reception to mark International Women’s Day last Thursday, which was also attended by Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss. 

Boris Johnson’s spokesman today said he will not be tested because he is not exhibiting symptoms and did not come into close contact with her that night. But it is not known fellow Department of Health ministers, including Health Secretary Matt Hancock, will be tested. As a junior minister she will not attend cabinet or Cobra meetings.

Ms Dorries appeared at the despatch box in the Commons last Wednesday but while the Commons is cleaned every day it has not had a deep clean ahead of today’s budget, which will see the chamber packed with MPs. 

A UK parliament spokesman said this morning ‘there are no plans to suspend Parliament’ – but some politicians are expected to stay clear of the Chanellor Rishi Sunak’s speech this afternoon, amid concerns that it could provide an opportunity for the virus to spread, MailOnline can reveal.     

This is Nadine Dorries’ office in Westminster today in a photo taken by the Guido Fawkes blog as it emerged the Health minister has tested positive for coronavirus and one of her staff has also ‘gone down’ with it

March 4: Nadine was last on the floor of the Commons last Wednesday and is likely to have been carrying coronavirus then and didn’t know it

Ms Dorries (circled) was surrounded by MPs a week ago today – but while MailOnline understands the Commons is cleaned daily it has not had a so-called deep clean

There are growing calls for the PM to be tested after he was with Ms Dorries (pictured together last year) in No 10 for an International Women’s Day event also attended by Carrie Symonds

Ms Dorries has messaged Tory MPs (her WhatsApp is pictured) urging them to come forward if they believe they bumped into her or sat near her at Parliament

Labour’s Rachael Maskell revealed she has called 111 and was advised to self-isolate after a meeting with Ms Dorries, whose title is Minister for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health

Nadine Dorries, a health minister responsible for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health, is likely to have been in contact with hundreds of people in the up to two weeks she may have been carrying the illness before she began showing symptoms.

This is what we know about her movements: 

Tuesday February 25 – Keeping Safe Conference, Westminster’s Abbey  Centre (pictured)

Saturday February 29 – celebrates her mother’s 84th birthday at a party in a restaurant 

Wednesday March 4 – Spoke in the House of Commons 

Thursday March 5 – Downing Street event to mark International Women’s Day. PM Boris Johnson also attended 

Earlier in the day she met Labour MP Rachael Maskell, who is now also in self-isolation.

Friday  March 6 – Began feeling unwell but is believed to have had a members’ lunch in her constituency 

Saturday March 7 – Held surgery at her Mid-Bedfordshire constituency where 50 people attended

Tuesday March 10 – Nadine Dorries tests positive for coronavirus

Wednesday March 11 – The MP confirms a member of her staff has also tested positive and pictures of her offices in Parliament, sealed off, emerge 

Nadine Dorries started feeling ill on Friday as she was signing a statutory instrument that declared coronavirus to be a ‘notifiable disease’, enabling companies to obtain insurance cover. 

A Tory MP told MailOnline today: ‘I was sat in the tea rooms with Nadine on Wednesday. You think, if she puts her hands on the table and then I put my hands on the table.

‘Then she was in Parliament giving a speech at the despatch box. Everyone needs to be tested, Boris needs to be tested. Jo Churchill was next to her in the chamber.’

The backbencher added: ‘Boris cannot help himself. He shakes hands with everyone. He is obviously trying to stop himself now.’  

Her positive test result will increase calls for parts of Parliament to shut to be sanitised.

Preparations for the crucial Budget this afternoon appear to be going ahead despite the dramatic developments, with senior Parliamentary sources still adamant that the estate must be kept open.

However, MailOnline understands there are serious discussions about reducing the number of MPs coming to the Commons.

It won’t happen today – but perhaps 100 being tasked to oversee essential legislation in a bid to reduce the risk of spread.

Former Cabinet minister David Gauke said he would be a ‘little bit nervous’ about being in the chamber for the Budget statement if he was still an MP, as it was ‘packed’.

‘It is an environment where I fear the worst in terms of passing on the Covid-19,’ he told Sky News. 

Labour MP Rachael Maskell has been advised to self-isolate after meeting Nadine Dorries – who has tested positive for coronavirus – last week.

Ms Maskell tweeted: ‘NHS111 have advised that I self-isolate as a result of a meeting I had with the Government’s Mental Health Minister last Thursday who has subsequently tested positive for Coronovirus.

‘Thankfully I am asymptomatic. It is so important that we all follow all public health advice.’

Ms Maskell said that only her, Ms Dorries and members of the minister’s staff were present at the meeting on Thursday.

Boris Johnson will NOT be checked for coronavirus despite being at same No10 event as infected Nadine Dorrie 

Boris Johnson is not being tested for coronavirus despite being at a reception with infected health minister Nadine Dorries, it emerged today.

Downing Street said the PM did not need to be checked as he was showing ‘no symptoms’ and had not been within two metres of the quarantined MP.

Despite MPs saying he should be tested, sources also insisted there was less risk because Mr Johnson regularly washed his hands. 

Ms Dorries has revealed she has put herself into isolation, just days after attending a reception at No10 with the PM.

The Tory MP gave a speech in the Commons on Wednesday night, was in the tea rooms with other politicians, and held a surgery on Saturday for 50 of her constituents. She is believed to have started feeling ill on Thursday, before deteriorating the following day.

The 62-year-old had the virus and she is now said to be recovering – although she voiced fears for her 84-year-old mother, who is living at her home and ‘began coughing’ yesterday.   

Mr Johnson attended a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey with the Queen on Monday. 

The York Central MP said being told to self-isolate was ‘frustrating’ but stressed the importance of following medical advice.

‘I’m absolutely fine, obviously it’s frustrating because there are things I want to get on with.

‘I’m just planning on making more phone calls, more working online. I’m not going to be bored, put it that way.’

The Under-Secretary of State for Health, holds the portfolio for Patient Safety, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. 

On Friday, the day she first felt ill, Nadine Dorries spent around two and a half hours holding a surgery at her constituency at Flitwick hall, near Milton Keynes, MailOnline can reveal.

She saw 12 members of the public and dealt with 6 different cases.

Steve Dixon, from the Mid Bedfordshire Conservative Association, said he then had lunch with her – just the two of them – at a rural pub nearby before she headed home to Worcestershire.

Mr Dixon said it wasn’t until she got home that she started feeling ill.

Having spent several hours with Ms Dorries while she was carrying the virus he has now chosen to self-isolate on discovering she has covid 19.

The constituency surgery was held last Friday at a rented room at the Flitwick Club in Flitwick. There were about 12 people there and Nadine must have helped with about five or six cases over 2.5 hours.

‘Afterwards I joined her for lunch at a pub a neighbouring village.

‘As a result I’ve decided to self isolate since this morning. I’ve contacted NHS England and they are going to call me back to advise on what to do next.

‘I don’t know how much of a risk there is that I’ve been infected too but I’m remaining at home for the foreseeable.

‘I’ve contacted the chairman of the Flitwick club and he said that they are in the process of deep cleaning the room the surgery was held in.’





Tests confirmed last night that the 62-year-old had the virus and she is now in isolation and said to be recovering.

But the MP has now voiced fears for her 84-year-old mother, who is living at her home and ‘began coughing’ yesterday.  

As a former nurse, Mrs Dorries has played a key role in drawing up plans to tackle the virus.

She met hundreds of people last week, including a large number of MPs, and attended a conference outside Westminster. On Thursday she attended a Downing Street event hosted by Mr Johnson to mark International Women’s Day.


Nadine Dorries was with Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel at Downing Street on January 8, before she contracted the illness

The MP is pictured here with her 84-year-old mother, in 2018, who she admitted she was worried about after she came down with a cough


Her shock diagnosis came as: 

NHS could test 10,000 people a DAY 

The NHS is preparing to carry out 10,000 coronavirus tests a day in anticipation of a massive increase in demand.

The health service is currently performing 1,500 tests daily but this number will be increased by almost seven-fold.

Officials are rolling out a more sensitive method that produces results within 24 hours – the current turnaround is around 48 hours. The tests will also be carried out by NHS hospitals instead of one of 12 labs in the UK.

The NHS will also routinely test patients in hospital including those undergoing surgery.

The development comes as a top doctor warned yesterday that the NHS does not have enough intensive care beds to cope with a coronavirus epidemic.

Dr Ron Daniels, from University Hospitals Birmingham, said an extra 136,000 patients would need intensive care over the coming weeks.

The NHS currently has about 4,050 intensive care beds although Health Secretary Matt Hancock has promised to provide an additional 5,000 beds in time for the outbreak.

But Dr Daniels said that number would still be a long way off, stressing: ‘We cannot escalate our capacity readily enough.’

  • The deputy chief medical officer warned the start of the peak of the epidemic could be within a fortnight; 
  • Heath officials announced 61 more patients in Britain have caught the killer infection, taking the total number of cases to 382 and fatalities to six
  • Italy’s death toll rose by 168 to 631 and its 60million citizens went into lockdown;
  • Thousands of Britons were effectively stranded in Italy after BA cancelled all flights and other airlines followed suit;
  • A row erupted over the screening of passengers arriving on the few remaining flights from Italy as some countries closed their borders to Italian arrivals;
  • Tonight’s Premier League match between Manchester City and Arsenal was postponed after the owner of Olympiacos – whose side played at Arsenal on February 27 – got the virus;
  • A big increase in online outpatient appointments for the elderly is being planned to save on trips to hospital;
  • The NHS is scaling up virus testing capacity to 10,000 a day;
  • Harvard said it would begin moving to online classes, with British universities under pressure to follow suit;
  • A top surgeon was struck down after returning from a skiing trip to Italy – but had treated patients in the meantime.  

Mrs Dorries, who is a mother of three, said: ‘I can confirm I have tested positive for coronavirus. As soon as I was informed I took all the advised precautions and have been self-isolating at home.

‘Public Health England has started detailed contact tracing and the department and my parliamentary office are closely following their advice.

‘I would like to thank PHE and the wonderful NHS staff who have provided me with advice and support.’

She added on social media: ‘It’s been pretty rubbish but I hope I’m over the worst of it now. More worried about my 84-year-old mum who is staying with me and began with the cough today. She is being tested tomorrow. Keep safe and keep washing those hands, everyone.’

Health minister Nadine Dorries fell ill on Friday and was diagnosed with coronavirus on Tuesday evening

Prime Minister Boris Johnson with Nadine Dorries bricklaying in Bedford last November

Dorries shared this picture of her mother on her 84th birthday at the end of February 

In a tweet Nadine Dorries said she was ‘over the worst of it’ following her coronavirus diagnosis 

Matt Hancock wished his colleague Mrs Dorries well as she battles to recover from the virus 


– What happens now to Parliament?

Following Ms Dorries’ diagnosis, a Parliament spokesman said there were still ‘no plans to suspend Parliament’, following guidance from Public Health England.

What extra measures are being taken?

A Parliament spokesman said the extra measures implemented by the Palace of Westminster are in line with recommendations for the general public and include ‘placing information posters across the parliamentary estate encouraging thorough handwashing’.

Further measures that could be taken range from a total ban on palace visitors to shutting down Parliament for three months.

– Who will be tested?

All health ministers, including Health Secretary Matt Hancock, could now be tested for the virus, as well as any other officials who have recently come into contact with Ms Dorries.

Number 10 has not commented on whether the Prime Minister has yet or will now be tested.

– What precautions have other politicians taken to protect themselves and others?

Prior to Ms Dorries’ diagnosis, a number of other British MPs have made the decision to self-isolate as a precautionary measure.

Labour MP Lilian Greenwood cancelled all engagements and quarantined herself last month after attending a bus conference where an attendee later tested positive for Covid-19.

Fellow Labour member Alex Sobel also chose to self-isolate after attending the same conference in February.

Neither exhibited any symptoms and returned to Parliament once their 14-day isolation period was over.

Matt Hancock, who as Health Secretary is her boss, was last night understood to be fit and well and not showing any symptoms.

He tweeted last night: ‘Really sorry to hear Nadine has tested positive for coronavirus.

‘She has done the right thing by self isolating at home, and both NHS and PHE staff have been brilliant. 

‘We all wish her well as she recovers.

‘I understand why people are worried about this disease. 

‘We will do all we can to keep people safe, based on the best possible science.’

Mr Hancock’s sentiments were echoed by the shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth, who tweeted: ‘I send my very, very best wishes to @NadineDorries and absolutely endorse (what) @MattHancock is saying.

‘I know this is an extremely worrying time for our constituents. 

‘Our NHS & PHE staff are doing us all proud in very challenging circumstances.’

The news will raise fears that Parliament may have to be closed or that restrictions will have to be placed on visitors. 

A government source said: ‘As with everything, we are being guided by the science on this. 

‘This will be treated like any other standard case.’

MPs lined up to offer their support last night after the news broke.

Mrs Dorries had been part of a team that drew up legislation to tackle coronavirus before she fell ill.

Officials are in the process of identifying all people she has been in contact with since contracting the virus, including MPs. 

Any who have displayed similar symptoms will be tested.


Nadine Dorries getting a flu jab last November as part of a campaign to encourage people to remember to get vaccinated

Labour MP Angela Rayner said: ‘Whilst l almost never agree with Nadine Dorries on anything politically, I do wish her a speedy recovery against this wretched coronavirus.’

It was reported last week that plans were being considered to suspend Parliament for five months.

One source said there were potentially ‘650 superspreaders’ in the House of Commons because its MPs divide their time between Westminster and their seats.


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