‘Has Nigel gone to the hairdresser and asked for a Donald Trump?’ Twitter goes into meltdown after ex Ukip leader appears on TV showcasing new golden locks

  • Nigel Farage appeared on Sky News with what look like newly blonde hairdo 
  • Twitter users flocked online to point out he looked like his friend Donald Trump
  • He told MailOnline he has not dyed his hair but it may have got lighter in the sun

Nigel Farage was today forced to deny he has dyed his hair blonde in a Donald Trump style makeover.

The former Ukip leader was interviewed on television showcasing what looked like newly golden locks.

His new look sent Twitter into meltdown with a string of viewers saying he looked like he had gone to the hairdresser and asked for a ‘Donald Trump’.

Asked if he had gone bottle blonde, the MEP insisted he had not gone to the hairdressers.

Explaining his suspiciously lighter hairdo, he told MailOnline it was the result of ‘a week in the sun in Cornwall’.

The former Ukip leader Nigel Farage was interviewed on television today (pictured) showcasing what looked like newly golden locks

His new look sent Twitter into meltdown with a string of viewers saying Nigel Farage looked like he had gone to the hairdresser and asked for a ‘Donald Trump’ (pictured)

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But eagle-eyed television viewers were quick to point out that he looked a lot like his friend the US President.

Gary Rogers, wrote on Twitter: ‘Nigel Farage on Sky News appears to have become a bottle blonde in Trumpian tribute #badhairday’

While another twitter user posted a picture of the politician with the words ‘Nigel Trump’. 

Another viewer said: ‘It looks like the transformation op for Nigel Farage to turn into Donald Trump  has begun as the hair colour starts to trumpify.

Twitter users went into meltdown at the sight of Nigel Farage’s suspiciously blonde locks 

Another viewer pointed out that Nigel Farage’s hair appears to have ‘trumpified’. But the politician told MailOnline he had not gone peroxide blonde but may have naturally gone a little lighter due to hthe sun

Another twitter user mocked the new  look and said it looked like NIgel farage was having a bad hair day

Another viewer simply suggested the ex Ukip leader looked like he had merged with the White House incumbent 

And another Twitter user calling themselves ted wrote: ‘I think Nigel Farage went to the hairdresser and asked for a Donald Trump.

It is not the first time the ex Ukip leader has got the country talking after displaying a new look on the television.

In August 2016 he sent Twitter into meltdown after he appeared on TV sporting a newly-grown bushy moustache.

His facial hair has been compared to the likes of Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman films and Swiss Toni from The Fast Show.

The politician did not keep the moustache for long though and returned to his clean shaven look.

Mr Farage and the US President have met each other several times and are good friends.

Mr trump declared himself ‘Mr Brexit’ after talking with the ex Ukip leader bout Britain’s departure from the bloc.

And Mr Farage went to America where he posted a snap of himself meeting Mr trump shortly after his election at the end of 2016. 

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